What is your Question?


  • Confusion

    What is your Question?

    What is your question,
    For you must have one
    The question, the reason
    The reason to live

    For each man needs a reason to live
    That is what life is
    Life, the never ending search for your reason,
    your unanswered question

    This question becomes you
    This question shapes you
    Through it, you become who you are
    And it becomes your life, your reason to move forward

    Everyone must move forward else they are dead
    And the dead lay still,
    Having lost their question or forgotten it
    They lose their reason along with it

    This question that shapes us,
    Why do we need it
    Why do we search for it
    And why do we let it lead us

    What is this question
    Do we shape it as we move forward
    Or is this question already predestined in our life
    For some believe it shapes us

    The shape that we take from our question that we search
    Is it for our good, will it guide us to happier times
    Or is it evil in itself, playing us for its own amusement
    For whoever created these questions help guide us to chaos

    Some ask why do we live, what keeps us moving
    But it is this question that leads us forward
    Always seeking its answer
    And always forsaking its seeker

    For in and at the end
    We where never meant to find our answers
    Just look for them blindly
    For they will always hide when we approach

    These answers forsake us
    They are there and yet out of reach
    Why cant we reach them
    Why are the just beyond our grasps

    Is this because the questions we seek never existed
    Are these questions meant only to guide us
    But never to help us in our search
    For what may lay at the end could be malicious

    If the end of our journey leads to disaster
    Will we just abandon our search
    Will we live in ignorance
    For ignorance brings with it a tranquil state of comfort and safety

    Or will we chose to seek our answers and live with knowledge
    Live with pride and courage,
    The courage to seek our own paths and find our own answers
    For we should chose to live with our answers and not fear them

    If these answers should be disastrous,
    Will we run from them, from the answers we made and seeked
    Or will we turn in face them,
    Face them to seek even more answers and create even more paths

    For we are not destined to anyone or anything
    We where given life, knowledge, and emotions
    But that was a mistake,
    For we are not a race to let one control us

    Our race will fight for its own future
    Not a future guided by someone else
    But a future of our own making,
    A future that we decide no matter the outcome

    For it does not matter if the decision is our downfall
    We will take joy in the answers we face
    We shall hold our heads up high,
    For we know we had the courage to follow our questions to the end.

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    Charlie23 commented on What is your Question?


    This is very good. Very deep thoughts! I enjoyed it all the way to the end.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

    Unknown Source

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