What KInd of world do you live in ?


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Observations of the world I live in ..

What KInd of world do you live in ?

Have you truely taken responsiblity for your part in society?
or have you joined in on the "label" assigning ?
Many times we've stepped over , walked past ,
or shook our heads in hast , at the homeless person .
Never stopping to ask their story, refusing to believe they
were also  born to seek glory. Morbidly embarrassed to be seen talking to them, as if it could never be us.

The people who got caught up on drugs , we gave them
scarring names , like "junkie" , "dope head" , and many more. 
we'd not realized that we'd brought into the genocidal game , Instead
of encouraging them to get help , we made them take a walk of shame.Giving them a stainning name , not hope. if we woke up , to what's going on , we'd feel ashamed for the way we mistreat each other.

Looking in disgust at people who had hard times , then sought help from the government, these people pay taxes as well, the check is only enough to feed right back into the economy , the money that was lent.

We have denied any type of association with people based on what category they fell into , showed fatal favortism justifying the actions of some and not others. Like our ever growing population of teenage parents , How much sex education did we teach them at home, If we continue to keep closed lip on serious events happening today, we have done a major injustice to the future generations... 

Allowing the pigmentation of skin to determine worthiness in this society.. the darker you are the more of a calamity.. you are .. never apologizing or healing those emotional scares..We are using gangs , colors , and terriority to promote alarming numbers of genocide against our young people... it;s no longer subtle , it's in your face , excepted, encouraged, many times the only way one finds a sense of belonging, respect , or protection... Not much of free will choice , If your being deterred access to a  better life..

Some of us have turned to interracial dating as a solution , figuring perhaps bi-racial children would have a better chance, still we refuse to deal with the hatred that is bread upon the opposite race , when their isn't mutual respect in place....

we have ostersized many for "falling off" or "failing" , yet , when these people are putting their lives in order , we do everything we can to distort this...As if supporting their recover would some how make us less than ... means you've brought into , society's unhealthy belief system. what's even larger is what your risking .. society has begun promoting homosexuality to our children at alarming young ages , right in our homes , communities , schools , etc .. without the notion that the child can not make those types of decisions for themselves yet, affirming that the child can't feel safe at home , but they should run to society for understanding of who they are .. sending our lambs into the preditors mouths ... 

Labeled  Black women as aggressive , angry tempered , when she is pushed to stand up for herself , in a world that has never really given her the level of respect due. teaching young men to sleep with these sisters , with no protection , no intension on marrying them, then help to cripple their reputation in society, lastly accusing the black woman of brow beating her man , of disrespecting him for no reason at all, just sit back, saying nothing  while we too watch him fall ,  desensitizing our little girls and boys , to the fact of sexuality at young ages , making them to reject any type of religion, yet to trouble their minds with being like for their appearence, body , and some parents are condoning this activity , as well as saying quiet about the abuse that continues to happen , like the raping of our culture , minds , spirits , souls, quality of life.... 

A whole generation has been misguided , misinformed, left out of what really took place in their history, This is why it has become so easy to be lead a stray, why the illeteracy rate is no mystery. The Elders have yet to step forward and proclaim their lack of spiritual growth, intellectual growth, emotional foundations for the youth , they leisurely call lazy,loose, lost , and stupid. 

It has become so normal to just label , then cast away, what we find no use for , no explanation for .. It amazes me how the words , "bitc", hoe" , slut" , tramp" , flow so easy from lips , but not the words of uplifting to turn a life around, make a use for what is now found... this has become a tradition for both Men & Women , hardly anyone is putting up a fight against why these women had to live such a harsh life... not to mention the bible speaks of never participating in calling/treating a woman like a harlot... yet , another way we show out rightly , with pride , that we arent' spiritually studying .. 

We watch knowingly for years , how the system seeks to divide the family structure, we buy in again , now we have parents giving up on children , grandparents raising grandchildren , instead of strengthening the foundations of that household, we pick apart each others relationships , fault finding , instead of reminding , of the blessing of having someone to share life's journey with... 

have given more creditblility to gossipers, slanders , and the rumor mill , than the very facts of both sides of a story. This has help to contribute to the very quality of news , movies , books , and other educational avenues designed for uplifting.. when we aren't learning of our brethren around the world when we turn on tv .. we are being disconnected...

Each time we buy anything , we buy into a stock in the company , yet when there's a problem with this economy that we help to support , we neglect or don't feel privileged enough to cast our vote... How can we be more effective , if were not allowing ourselves to be educated , heard, and accountable.

In the old days , it was a privilege to be allowed around someone who was ill and close to passing, this was a time when people rallied together to support the person , society has reversed this and said , a firm "NO" this is a time of shame for the person , a time to be isolated, a time to be abused by others who think by carrying out this deed , they wont follow in the same foot steps .. another clever way to divide the family structure , with unforseen relentless wedges , this also attributes to a lack of respect for our ill , a lack of knowlege for the journey of going into the next realm of life.. it only promotes fear ,,, which there can be no love if there is fear... 

lastly we are no better than the next , not because of money , houses , education , backgrounds , religions , race, gender , we are all created from the dust and to the dust we shall return .. It's not too late to change , not too late to extend a hand.
poetic_suffer 08/2011


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SerenityWintirs commented on What KInd of world do you live in ?


Oh my god, YES! You hit everything right on the head. I can't BELIEVE this doesn't have any comments, what the hell? I agreed 100% with everything that you said, except the homosexuality part. But I can see where you are coming from with that too. I think that you should check out Carlos Andres Gomez. He is a slam poet that talks about alot of this same stuff. You are very talented and I would totally get your book if I could afford it. Lol. I am so glad that I read this, it is going in my favs. Why did you disable rating???? I wanted to give you a 10!



Thank you SerenityWintirs , I disabled the ratings , because somethings or topics need to be free of charge , lol no ego building , back scratching , or pocket lining , instead more knowledge giving ... I'll check out poet Gomez ..

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