What to do?


  • Confusion

    What to do?

    What do yo do when
    you don't know what to do?
     When you want to say something
     but don't know if it the best idea.
    What would happen if you say
    what you feel at the time,
    and then your feelings change
     right after you say it?
    Would they understand what happened?
     Or would they still go by what you
     said you where feeling?
     What if they don't understand.
    Would things be ruined for good?
     or could they be the
     same sometime.
     What to do...

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    gallaxy commented on What to do?


    I agree with you 100per cent on this. It wont take long to find out if what you said was the right thing or not. If it gets ruined, you cannot undue the damages,or if your lucky, the results will be good.......You expressed one of facts of life truely, see my "what can I do" for some simmularities..............

    PrettyTough commented on What to do?


    Always be true to yourself and say how you feel. You may not get a second chance to do so....

    Helios commented on What to do?


    Continue writing these poems, this is what I would advise you to do! [laugh]



    i am :)

    akayakar commented on What to do?


    This was fun to read! How many times have I been there! At least you stopped to think before you spoke! 'Cause when we don't wait a minute, we often end up with our foot in our mouths.



    haha yeah i totally agree.

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