what we don't say


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    what we don't say

    Isn't it funny
    How we can say so much
    and yet be as silent as the snow?

    We can say so much
    by the touch of a hand,
    the slyest little look,
    a slight smile, or even a wink.

    We don't even have to say a word,
    hell, sometimes all we have to do is think.
    Think about the person we love,
    and it brings a smile to our face.

    Just the same, that smile tells a tale
    more than any words could spell.
    A smile conveys happiness and pain,
    the sun shining through the rain.

    That same smile lights up your face
    when he walks into the room
    and you wonder to yourself,
    could it really be happening this soon?

    All that you say from that smile and touch,
    that in not so many words say so so much.
    That smile says "I love you"
    and you know I always will.

    That smile says "I need you"
    And until the day I die that is true.
    That smile says "Why do you hurt me?"
    because you know you always do.

    That smile says "Please don't leave"
    even though I know you will.
    That smile says "Why is this worth it?"
    it's like preforming an Army drill.

    Then you smile back.
    Your smile says "I love you too"
    And you melt all of my doubts
    into the clear blue.

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    Bobcatmoon commented on what we don't say


    very sweet poem..puts you into the place to make you feel. You have a gift there and I did enjoy reading your work.

    lonewolf commented on what we don't say


    this is a very sweet poem. i really believe a smile can say alot, a touch, or softly whispered words. loved it.

    TamiG76 commented on what we don't say


    Damn!!!! I lost my tissue box and I REALLY REALLY need it right now!!!!!! This is so beautiful!!!!! This is one of the sweetest poems I have read in a really long time. I definitely want to read more of your work.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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