When I was a Kid.


When I was a Kid.

As a kid, no cell phones in our ears
Sat in circles and our lives we shared
Didn’t type, never mind the texting 
Found a Playboy, but had no sexting
Twitter and tweeting were for the birds
As for chatting we had spoken words
To recall facts we used our noodles
Couldn’t use the search engine Google

Had no taxi mom taking us everywhere
We had no money but didn’t care
Played rock tunes on HIFI stereos
No batteries for transistor radios

Never ate a seedless watermelon
No three strike law for a felon
While eating melons we had to spit
I don’t know how we ever made it

We were careful not to scratch LPs
No infection of the AIDS disease
Sony’s Beta lost out to VHS
The Middle East is still a big mess

Feathered hair styles and saddleback jeans
Growing is not easy for many teens
Adults don’t understand about their needs
Control them or let them grow like weeds?

Gangster Rappers are today’s heroes
Guns stowed in their baggy clothes
Drugs bought in any small crowd
Sub-woofer bass thumping too loud.

Don’t have answers for the youth of today
Best we can do is get on our knees and pray
Life is so different than in 1975
How is our future going to survive?

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cheronld commented on When I was a Kid.


How funny....my mom used to things like when i was your age....lol....what was old is now new or vintage....lol....and yet in a few years those same comparison will be said from the youths of now....circle of life...I enjoyed this trip down memory lane.....great poem



Now you're making me feel old. Hey, thanks for the comment. :)

Maleficent commented on When I was a Kid.


I'm with marion... this is going straight to fav's... very strong write with a great message... I'm inclined to think that if we took all the electronics away from the kids out there... they would juz wander around like mindless zombies not knowing what to do next! ;)

MarionYost commented on When I was a Kid.


P.s. Definitely going to my faves. This was a pleasure to read. all the best -Marion-

MarionYost commented on When I was a Kid.


Strong point, great flow, with a touch of humor. I loved it Oblaidon, Don't know how I missed this, But I'm glad I stumbled on it this time. Great write Obvious 10! All the best -Marion-



Thanks Marion, I'm glad you liked it.

am2anangel commented on When I was a Kid.


excellent write took me back. loved it once again. with ever read of yours, i think of one of mine you might like. try out four forever if you like. I'll try to keep up with reading yours if you do mine. lol.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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