Where the Dragonfly Guides You


  • Tinytree
  • Beginning a new adventure; a new stage in life.

Poem Commentary

What a wondeful, beautiful day. Dropped all of lifes stuggles at the forest door and went exploring. We found more than we could have ever anticipated.

Where the Dragonfly Guides You

Enter the forest with me
Let's take a spiritual journey

Golden Dragonflies play
As we make our way

Through the Sunny glade
A winding trail is laid

A Dragonfly guides us to back when
Through the misty fern filled glen

At a shadowy pool we find peace
We sit still to find release

Once in contemplation
Lost in strong temptation

We fall into dreams so real
With sensitivity we feel

The connection to the world of one
New cycle having just begun

With color and light that's deceiving
We question what we're believing

A bat hangs sleeping in a tree
Deceiving not only me

A piece of bark dangles
A bat from all different angles

A woman's voice yells in despair
A dog yaps; it's not really there

An even greater day
When baby Heron we see at play

Blue Heron circle in the sky
With long tree limbs they fly by

From the shallows we're watched by a frog
A  small turtle suns on a log

The forest so many shades of green
More than we have ever seen

Against the lush greens of their leaves
The deep grey trunks support the trees

A crow soars through black as night
Beautiful against lime green light

We turn in silence and head back
To the world of white and black

I'm here a lot so lets just say
We'll meet again another day 

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SavVySam commented on Where the Dragonfly Guides You


Thank you so much for the wonderful share, and including us along in your walk..enjoying day and life!

earthly commented on Where the Dragonfly Guides You


I love your take on the adventure we had-Definitely an experience we'll not forget-Our "thrones" at the wetland's edge truly treated us to peace and tranquility-in my favs:)-Namaste...earthly

simplynicole commented on Where the Dragonfly Guides You


I liked this Poem, very nice flow. enjoyed reading

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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