Which Road?


Which Road?


The night sky so dark

Holds scattered trillions of lights

Down the rocky path they guide us

Every which way it rounds

To and fro…there and here


As the tall trees

Hunter of green

Swivel and swerve

Defining the way so distinctively

That to get lost

And art form it would have to be

And a near impossible endeavor

It could prove

So near impossible

That getting lost

Is what the plan

Would have most definitely…

Had to be


So purposefully and intricately done

It would seem…

Yet the plan might be as simple as a dream


Are they really as simple

As some claim them to seem?

For sometimes

The most simple things

Are the ones that later prove

To hold…within itself

The most complexity

Among the ones that give

The hallucination of complication

In that which they seem to possess

But end up being

A mere fixation

Of our imagination


So…I ask you…

Could getting lost…

On a path…

So unmistakably defined…

Really be…

Such a tremendous endeavor?

When following that path

Beneath the midnight blue

A fork in the road…

Is now within

Your point of view?


This is your queue

A decision must be made

Choose the path you will

But which one will you choose?


Will you choose the one

That’s been trampled…

Stamped and stomped on?

A bridge over the steep ramp?

The easy way to camp?

In which hundreds before you

Once took too? 

The one that doesn’t give you a clue

Of the potential…

You might just really…possess?


Or will you choose the one

That leads to the marshland

Of the woodlands…

In which…

More challenges…

You just might actually…

Have to overcome?

The one that…

In the end…

Would bestow on you…

The realization…

Of who…

You could really become?


So…I ask you again…

Could getting lost

On a path

So unmistakably defined

Really be…

Such a hard thing to find?

Especially when the world…

Can be so blind?


When following that path

Beneath the midnight blue

A fork in the road…

Is now within…

Your point of view…

That serves as your queue…

A decision must be made…

But which path…

Is going to choose you?

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angelchaser commented on Which Road?


I could never have written a poem like this, great job once again.



thank you!

WinterFrost commented on Which Road?


Better a fork in the road than a spoon. perhaps a road less travelled leads to stopping by woods on a snowy evening.

markrohaley commented on Which Road?


I like your poem(and your mom :) I wrote a poem 'This is the Road we travel on' I hope you will check it. Your poem is good I give it a 9.4 :)



Thank You!!...and I definitely will check it out!!

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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