Whisper From Behind the Mirror


Whisper From Behind the Mirror

*Written in duel voice

“Whisper From Behind the Mirror”

(The Mirror in Me)

With faint soft breath

A whisper forms

I see nothing but my reflection

From behind the mirror a voice speaks to me


Whispers toned softer than before

As a leaf landing on still water, causing widening ripples

With floating echoes

A voice can be heard in hues


Eyes open with imagination

I look for some form of creation

The image in my mind is lost in time

That which stares back becomes my tranquility

The mirror mimics me

Come seek me out, I need to be freed

What hides inside us

It is in you as you see in me


Am I seeing, hearing, feeling

Senses deceive me

I believe that I doubt

Walk away I will if I can gain reality


Grace me with a temperate embrace

I am nearer than your farthest beliefs

Can’t you hear or see me beyond your frame of mind

Your images I mirror as visions


I will no longer resist

I thought that I did not understand

Then before the mirror I profess

My nakedness is not of flesh


Within me, the mirror; change takes place

The silence that I break with a whisper

I now reveal to you with manifestation

Beside you, inside me the transformation begins


I begin to feel visibly

With this step into the mirror

My apparition smears

To be renewed by being blind to sight


Face to face

Rescuing the outside by showing what lies within

You and I are of one voice

My whisper is your cry


I behold the multidimensional as I gaze further into the glass

There, through my eyes lies the answer

Separately joined, though not of the same physical space

Peculiar that I would feel this sight


You must take me, to become you

I am here existent as loves modification

Mirror the wonderful likeness of my being

Exhausted energies are seductively calling


Mesmerized, I encounter the feminine entity that I have known before in a faint distance

Living every day as part fantasy, summoning me closer

Clearer the image sharpens to shape

With mouth agape, my heart pounds to disperse my uncertainties


Not a ghost lover, mystified in some delirious hour

Verified by the nuance of a delicate feathery touch

Know my body endlessly teasing, so sensitively pleasing ~ before I disappear

Look me in the mirror with lucid lust


Though my eyes are wide open I fear being awakened

An essence of ethereal being washes over me

My quivering skin tingles with a tender stroke of ecstasy

Etched on the mirror is the mist of warmed breath


In your eyes, I behold me

Transfix me deeper, as to penetrate me

To silken my dreams of caressing your needs

Feed my vaporous subsistence to offer a transparent survival


Hazed in the sanctity before me, you stand mirrored as my soul

Melting me into a world, of which previously I found no window

As I succumb to your whispered kiss, I am powerless to resist

My exit into your abyss leaves nothing absent in the present


Dread not; our spirits have searched for this sanctified porthole

Drawn to this place of purpose to unite two separate universes, one earthly the other void of element

Both sides of our mirror have become one

Sensual spellbound lovers fated to our own paranormal eternity


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klassik commented on Whisper From Behind the Mirror


You will be someone's favorite poet! another great write! "floating echoes" i love that line. true poet, congrats!



Can't thank you enough - I certainly have my favorites. I will continue to read you.

wordCollective commented on Whisper From Behind the Mirror


I am flattered that my opinion means something to you, so here it is...lol Its funny how words written correctly can literally make you see exactly what the writer intended. I was witness to the gathering of two wolrds.



Your opinion is valued greatly and I am thankful for your comments. Thank you for sharing this insightful union with me!

HarverTomsson commented on Whisper From Behind the Mirror


Evocative, mind-bending, and emotionally informative, this antiphonal dance swirls with energy and commands probative reflection (no pun intended) without an ultimatum even hinted.



Your selective words of grandeur and choice is a descriptive reward for a piece that wrote itself through pure spiritual inspiration. With Thanks

susanismith commented on Whisper From Behind the Mirror


The mirror has always been a mystery... a vortex? a parrellel plain?... to me its TRUTH... for I truly believe the windows of the souls are in your eyes, and when you look in the mirror it could never lie... for you are looking at your own soul instead of others...BUT YOU... you took it to a different level...a twist I very much enjoyed, I was fascinated to find out that the lovers found each other from two different realms...another twist to soul mates...Love is very powerful and the emotions that come with is very unexplainable...Is there anything that you can't write?....Again very satisfied and very inspired. :)



I am grateful for such thoughtful comments!

IAMLIKEU commented on Whisper From Behind the Mirror


Wow! this one is definitely a read later and read again and again. It is like you took a rabbit out of your hat and the rabbit had children and the children had children. Very deep and moving. The magic of love eternal is captured in this poem like one captures the wind, by breathing it.



I have to sat that this is one of the best compliments I have received for a piece. Thx!



SAY not sat / typo, I should stop typing from phone

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