..Who am I?..


  • TheAngelOfDeath
  • Posted a new poem first time is a few years check it out its a draft as of right now ill fix the spelling and stuff when I have time

..Who am I?..

I have no love
I have no hope
I cannot seem to let her go

Who am I?

A broken heart is all I have
It seems like I am always sad

Who am I?

I have no happiness
I have no faith
I'll walk alone for all my days

Who am I?

In my eyes you see your fear
Your skin grows cold when I draw near

Who am I?

Broken mirrors..
Shatter souls..
This is all ill ever know

Who am I?

..La santa muerte..
..That is my name..

Im The Angel of Death
Can you feel my pain?
(4/29/09) 11:10am

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Tadanori commented on ..Who am I?..


It is a riveting.

whiteman78 commented on ..Who am I?..


I too knew how it felt.This poem touched me.I was rejected all through school and in public but now i have a special woman in my life and i would die for her anytime.you should really consider having this poem published alot of people knows how it feels to be rejected.hang in there man and keep writing poetry like this it is really great that us poets can let others read our poetry online now.take it easy man

Rhaven commented on ..Who am I?..


That's a really great poem, I understand how you feel.

dahlusion commented on ..Who am I?..


Your pain? Not really, no I do not feel it in this poem. There is something contrived about this piece that leaves me feeling like a blank mask. I listen for emotion which I can not hear or feel.

lonewolf commented on ..Who am I?..


it was different. but still an excellent poem. i sometimes feel this way. great job. a 10

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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