Who am I?


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This is a shortened version of what I felt for over 30 years. I am that happy person now. I have found that if you radiate happiness to others, they have a hard time not smiling back. I believe that you get back what you send out in life. For many years I send out self hatred and sorrow. That is exactly what I received back. If you find yourself getting things that you don't want in life, stop and take a good look at what YOU are sending out. I hope this poem helps others to see the light that I have found in my own life and in myself. God Bless!

Who am I?

Who am I?

I used to ponder these words.

Why am I here?

What purpose is there?

Where should I go?

What should I wear?

Will I stammer and stutter?

Will I trip over my feet?

Will they like me?

Or will I want to beat a hasty retreat?


Then I thought…

I am who I am.

I am happy with me.

I may not be perfect,

But who better to judge me, but me?


I used to hide and cry in my room.

I’d think terrible thoughts.

Think how unworthy I am.

I could have done this

Or I should have said that.


Then I awakened one day and thought…

What am I doing?

Sitting alone in the dark?

Worrying what others thought of me.

Should their thoughts really matter to me?

What I think of myself is what should truly matter.

So I got up and showered.

I washed away myself pity.

I put on an outfit that made me feel good.

Then I did my make-up and hair.

I stood looking in the mirror.

I looked deep into my soul.

What I heard was this

“Get out and live life before you’re too old!”

I saw my inner beauty,

Not just my outer shell.


I shook off my woes.

And I shook off my worries.

I smiled to myself,

While inside I thought….

“Today I start my new life!”

“I know I am a good person.”

“I am kind to others.”

“That’s all that is important in life.”

“Who cares what others think,

As long as I treat others kindly

And I’m happy with myself!”


Out the door I walked with a smile on my face.

Today I started my new life in a much happier place.

A new life feeling happy with a huge smile on my face!


I KNOW who I am.

Now who are you???


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Musicmynded1 commented on Who am I?


Very well put to words.. i could definitely see this write in a book for someone to have knowledge gain.

nanoboy909 commented on Who am I?


i like this poem it show what other people go through, feeling unaccepted i felt that way because of disability problem.... good write....

dahlusion commented on Who am I?


I am. from the poem, I am, c. dahlusion 2010. I am the light.



What does that mean? I am confused.

StandingBear commented on Who am I?


An intelligently written philosophical work! Great write! Thank you for your vote per my poem : "into them .. into me .. into you" per survivor week 3 !! SBear

Rygar commented on Who am I?


nice poem, you have a great way of sharing who are to others. another great write.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.