Why didn't you want me?


  • Childhood

    Why didn't you want me?

    Each passing day
    You never thought anyone saw
    But with every week
    It became more noticable

    Under the shirt you tried to hide
    A precious little gift from god
    That you thought ruined your life
    One day you couldn't hide it no more

    For your belly was the big show
    In the school halls you walked
    People pointed and gasped with shock
    It was too much for you to handle

    For you wanted to take gods gift away
    Couldn't handle it no more
    Day after day
    Wanting to take a knife
    And slice away

    Each time you tried
    Thought of that little life
    Sat down and cried
    You asked "how could this happen to me?"

    I don't want you here
    But you didn't ask to be
    For a few months later
    You gave birth to little me

    I'll ask you one last question
    And never see you again
    How could this happen to ME??
    I didn't ask for a mother
    that wouldn't want me

    One last question
    Really I wont bug you no more
    I'll be gone
    I'll walk out the door
    I know you wont answer

    But heres my question
    For my dear mother
    Why didn't you want me?

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    cowboyduuuck commented on Why didn't you want me?


    Wow, this is truely a deep poem. Its sad that problems like this even exist in todays day and age. We all talk of the US being such a wonderful place-yet how can it be if it is filled so much confusion and wrong-doing. Great Poem though-it really makes me think.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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