Within This Night


Within This Night

Musky smell
evokes memories;
the eve of fall
as leaves spin
endless from heaven.
Cool breezes to ruffle
grass-fading away;
life turns to death
as morning to night.
Restless spirit
take flight.

Endless shadows
stretch far into
the debths of ole;
beware the toll-
for its hold.
Midnight markings
in which one sees-
the final task
leads thee forth.
Must I take this path,
you ask?
Foolish mortal-
bow to me.

Stars look down
on endless seas-
frightning me,
calling me.
Is this real or but a dream.
Can not know,
will not know.
Pull within,
escape this nightmare;
all to see
this weakness within me.
Can I bare this pain?

Sunset beckons,
beckons forth
this lonely soul.
Time to rest-
sleep and dream;
forget the past,
it is at rest.
My heart bleeds,
listen to its

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icu2 commented on Within This Night


This is a beautiful, personally introspective piece. Rich with the intrinsically inherent pattern of life and death...and rejuvenation. Love it!

Vincent commented on Within This Night


As bluewolf howls into the clear calm night, I read what she has written and take great delight, smiles VIncent

DeepEclipse commented on Within This Night


Felt like a crisp, dark autumn night. It is mysterious to me how it doesn't give all of itself away, like it is toying with the reader's imagination of what exactly it is. I like the emotional dark feel of it. The reflection of its own pain. And written with elegance. I did have a critique at first, but it ended up just being me not reading the words correctly. Well written. Nocturnal, yet elegant....

highestbidder commented on Within This Night


I love the overtone. What is this about? I have some guesses but Id rather you told me.



In my mind I watched a lost soul as it wondered the night; alone and weary.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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