Words Worth


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Welcome to my own personal Word Play. (thoughts to ponder , , , rearrange it, play with it. sound it out or create your own)

Word (as defined online Encarta Dictionary) 1. a meaningful sound or combination of sounds that is a unit of language or its representation in a text.

Logophile: Someone who loves words, a connoisseur of words.

Words Worth

Words Worth


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but WORDS…”

It's a Words World

Power to the word

I am a word thinker

Word tinker

Artist of articulation

Editorial debater

Write to read – read to write

Exuberant affirmations

Contemporary contemplatives 

Prose to poetry

Rhythm to the rhyme

Meter – repeater

To the beat

Syllables and synonyms


Thesaurus (what's another word for word??)

Description, suspense

Metamorphosis becomes metaphors

Spoken tokens

Spelling bee

Latin; origin

New paths, new journeys, new fantasies


Book stores

World Wide Web

Old – new, revolutionary and culinary

Superlatives, adjectives, verbs, nouns, and conjunctions

Prefix, suffix, abbreviated abbreviations

Punctuation exclamation

Lines formed to function

Structure, stenciled letters – calligraphy,, graffiti

Vocabulary of visionary images

Meaningful unit of language sounds

Vowels of the universe

Collaboration of Alphabet

Symbols unified and dispersed

Sentence, paragraph – chapter

Stories, books, novels, letters, sonnets – soliloquy

Plays, theater, drama

Fictional diction

Defunct grammar

Communication revision 

Religion, politics, prophecy

Dreams, screams, reality

Solitude, insanity

Medicine, to mediocrity

Science solidified, creation diversified

History, present, future, - beyond

Plato, Socrates, and Tolstoy

Declaration - Proclamation - Gettysburg (Emancipation)

Hitler’s instruction verbalized destruction

Martin Luther King Jr – "I Have a Dream"

Freedom of speech

Babbling, mumbling - incoherent

Words without meaning, new definitions



Mass media



Blogs, journals, diaries

Text - instant messaging

Thoughts, ideas

Voiced opinions

Compliments, sentiments, memories, insults, confusion

Lambasting or accolades

The earth's heartbeat, NAMES for everything

Word Paint

Mind pictures

Torrents of time

Songs are Lyrics - eclectic ecstasy

Rap, Hip Hop, and soulful Blues

Phonics – Ebonics, jive and slang 

Say too much, not enough; shout aloud!

Questions; answers

Life to death

Alpha and Omega

Obscurity then eternity

Beginning – the END


What Words Are Worth: We can live without Hate – however, what would the world be without that certain four letter word LOVE?







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stellar commented on Words Worth


you are indeed gifted with words.....great word manipulator



Thank you and thank you!

bforibus commented on Words Worth


very excellently written masterpiece of a poem. precise and to the point. colorful and meaningful. everything a great poem should be



Your comments exceed me - thank you!

Tempy commented on Words Worth


It's a Words World Power to the word I am a word thinker Word tinker Martin Luther King Jr – "I Have a Dream" Freedom of Mind pictures Torrents of time Songs are Lyrics - eclectic ecstasy Rap, Hip jive Hop, soulful Blues Phonics – Ebonics, slang Say 2 much, not enough shout aloud! Questions; answers Life to death most people dont think they r that clever, but hope for inpiration Alpha & Omega Obscurity then eternity Beginning – the END freedom would be acceptable in ? ? this case because no one is pure genius and perfect from ?????? the key to being all that you can be theres no other way to be an improvement if there is nothing to improve on Martin Luther King Jr – "I Have a Dream" Freedomof Mind pictures ???? Torrents of time Songs are Lyrics - eclectic ecstasy shout???? aloud! Questions; answers Life to death Alpha and ???? Omega Obscurity then eternity Beginning – the END constructively for growth not harmful to inhibit growth. no one deserves a violent end cos of words grow and change and improve which means they must or we or I must try regardless to appreciate what your expecting



Great play of your own with the words that I tossed around. Thank you for taking my thoughts and making them new as your own. Your perspective and time is greatly appreciated.

ginga commented on Words Worth


Soul, I believe you have had an epiphany! This is a masterpiece due to the fact that your list s so complete. It keeps the reader wanting more. Very clever and it seems research is the theme here. ginga



Ah an epiphany! Actually I wrote as WORDS popped into my head, then I began to feel the power - what incredible power words have! Thank you.

dahlusion commented on Words Worth


Words are the perfect world for a poet to live in — this is special on so many artistic levels.



Your WORDS are always appreciated.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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