World of a 2 year old


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    World of a 2 year old

    Simple words keep coming,
    Repeated over and over,
    “Dad, Dad DAD!!!!”,

    Call of the youngest,
    Your boy,
    With very few things sounding sweeter,

    His imagination,
    Curious beyond nature,
    Nothing a two year old won’t get into,

    Words repeated,
    Though just starting to understand,
    Energy that is boundless,

    Love is unconditional,
    Fearless of the world,
    He explores with your guiding hand,

    Pure joy flows from his smiles,
    Golden singing of his laughter,
    Warms the heart on the coldest nights,

    Each child is priceless,
    Not one more important than the other,
    In this family,

    Energy of the youngest,
    There is no match yet,
    But soon the tank is empty for the day,

    Water running,
    Nearly ready,
    Milk heating up,

    Bath time before bed,
    For the adventures begin anew tomorrow,
    A brand new day full of laughter,

    Everyday is a new day,
    Two years old,
    Already wiser than most,

    For each day,
    Should be about fun,
    Most of full of laughter.

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    Cloarkell commented on World of a 2 year old


    Where you refering to _____ you know who? lol this peice is brill

    Tinytree commented on World of a 2 year old


    I'm enjoying my my two year old grandsons now. So precious; I cherish every second. Thank you for the write that could not describe a child better. Very nice.

    earthly commented on World of a 2 year old


    Nice write-my sons grew so fast-enjoy every minute-Namaste...Earthly

    KLS commented on World of a 2 year old


    I enjoy this poem. my wife and I are trying to get pregnent. Very encouraging!



    hehe they are so worth it.........and good luck :)

    Mandi commented on World of a 2 year old


    I love two to four year olds. YOu can just watch their personalites grow. YOu recognize yourself and/or your spouse in each and every new behavior. Sometimes the good , sometimes the bad... Hopfully the traits will smooth t hemselves oout into the charachter we grow to love and respect. YOur work covers alll of that and more.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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