World outside my window


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    World outside my window

    The world outside my window is consumed with shades of gray
    The 9 to 5ers sell their souls for a dollar but they can’t keep fifty cents
    Men roam about carrying swords of Babylon ready to cut down their own reflections
    Wallowing in self hatred everyone becomes mine enemy
    The unsuspecting continue to suffer at their own hands
    The world outside my window is painted with brilliant illusions
    The children watch the magic box and are immediately entrenched with
    Seeds of vanity, greed, and vengeance
    Then we as parents pretend as though we’ve given them so much love
    The world outside my window reels from confusion
    We’ve all been taught to bask in the glow of superficiality
    And once the transparent appeal of euphoria wears off we’re left chasing the phantom high it alluded to
    The world outside my window bears the burden of sadness
    I see the passers bys in their eyes the torment of their souls becomes a two way mirror for me
    As we all share a reality that we are simply here living to die
    This world right outside my window perplexes me
    Humanity reeks of the stench of failure
    But whose failures do we allow to enslave us from generation to generation
    The passers bys will never see
    The blessing of the gift of life bestowed unto we
    Outside my window a world is lost and embattled with herself
    She is crying out for love

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    TheAngelOfDeath commented on World outside my window


    i love it.its perfect it deserse bettter that a 10. Ttyl Grim

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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