World Tumors


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    World Tumors

    You promote your own mutation
    Instead of the whole
    Even when yours hinders the balance
    Takes from life's flow.

    Creates unjust passages
    Of the kind to bleed out
    What's sustained our existence
    And replenished life's spout

    Careless to the effects of your demeanor
    You've taken from which outlives us
    It's in your control to maintain
    And sustain life's populus

    We haven't found a cure for our cancer
    Ultimately that's out of our hands
    But we are the makers of what we do
    So it must reflect life's demands.

    Realize one careless action makes a difference
    Because millions share your mindset
    Which accumulates tumors
    And starves life's jet

    Destroy the tumor, give to the whole!

    Copyright, Vincent Decker, 2008

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    wheelsal commented on World Tumors


    Intelligence oozes from this wonder write. Wish we had the cure. Good write. Sally.......................



    thank you. we def have the cure, the problem is, we think we are helpless. you should read ishmael by daniel quinn

    Tempestlady commented on World Tumors


    Reuse, recycle, and remake. Let's not waste anything. Very ecologically conscious work. We are klling ourselves and the apathy stems from a form of slavery, we call a free market society. When it should be about family and love, and friends, it ends up being about money, power, and status. I hate it too. Good write....



    nailed it. read a book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn if you havent, best thing I have ever read, should be taught in schools. Relates to this, but makes it make even more sense. Its a book where your always like "why didnt I think of that?!?!" it makes a lot of sense. I will read some of your stuff too!

    DennisScott commented on World Tumors


    This is not bad. I, in fact, agree with what you are saying. "Realize one careless action makes a difference," that alone is priceless. When you left your message without regard for my feelings that made me sad. I know you probably do not care which makes you careless which, arguably, by proxy makes you a tumor. It is my attempt to destroy the tumor and give to the world. (Not a verbatim quote because the word whole sounds stupid in this sentence so I changed it to world, it fits better.)



    thank you, sir. I am sooooooooooo sorry I was waaaayyyy tooo critical and harsh on you. please forgive my temper, i am so used to mindless people, but you understand this. you did NOT, however, understand my dionysus and apollo poems. I would love nothing more to explain them to you, and I know you will like them. I write very obscurely, and no one understands it except me (and devamido, perhaps he understands my stuff more than i).



    and man, I care more for the cause than anyone I know. I am giving my life for the understanding of this, through my biology degree, and philosophy minor. I am writing stuff that teaches unity and understanding, I recycle, and am reading Ishmael, which you need to do also. It is by Daniel Quinn. Believe me man, I care so much, and humans make me sick, thats why I wrote this poem. I now acknowledge there is more to you and I apologize to you, and I feel I am owed the same.....



    I do apologize to you for my part in all of this. If I could take it all back I would because I actually like a great deal of what you write.

    devaamido commented on World Tumors


    This is a brilliant insight; that each of us may carry within our makeup, ideas or behaviors that will, if allowed to grow & flower, infect others around us, thereby acting as a "cancerous growth" in the body of mankind! That alone is worth a 10!

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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