Yesterdays events, today's sorrow, tomorrow's happiness


Yesterdays events, today's sorrow, tomorrow's happiness

Love from friends
Yeah right
Love from the heart
Who gets any
What is the point of us?
So we can just live to experience death?
Or is it something else?
Why is it we go on?
How can some go on?

Some show no signs of depression
Just show happiness on the outside
So we can hide it on the inside
No one seems to notice
Just to get picked on
And no one seems to care
What the effect of what they do
They show signs of it at times

Some do not know what reality anymore
They loose themselves from the harsh world
And seem to drift into their perfect world
A world where they don't get picked on
A world where other who tortured
Are ones who are tortured
When they come back
Is when they are being teased

Others come to say nothing
Always picked on but never say a word
They let it happen, but let the anger build
When they finally let it out, it is too late to stop
They take it out on anyone who is there

Depression hurts all lives
Brought on by simple things
Bullying, teasing, simple events that bring about emotions
Everything hurts on the inside to someone
What is emotions of sadness
Sadness causes loss
It is what some try to cure
To bring the world into what they want
To mold the world into non-depression
And create the world into what it is not

All it takes is just one moment in time
To cause a pandemic
A fundamental flaw in the existence of emotions
But there will be others to come
Not all emotions can cause depression
Others help set the mood
While trying to cure, do what it is to make you happy
Talk to those who you trust
And none that you don't
Do what makes you happy

Happiness comes to those who want
Not all days can be happy
Make of what the day gives
Be thankful for what you have
And who your friends are
Be happy for the lives you live
Most important
Be glad you have friends

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Tinytree commented on Yesterdays events, today's sorrow, tomorrow's happiness


You have said it all. I can relate to your thoughts and try to place myself in a catagory. you make me reflect on why I'm here and how I can make a difference. Very, very nice.

BringMeBullets commented on Yesterdays events, today's sorrow, tomorrow's happiness


I remember you reading this in class... It's so powerful. I love it. You have a way with words, Aaron, and you should never let that go. Ever. When it comes down to it, what more do we have in life? Our world revolves around speech, body language. We should always have this in our hearts. Great write. A ten from me.

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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