Yet You Call It Love


Yet You Call It Love

“Yet You Call It Love”

Yet you call it Love,
but not working when you’re gone,
I ask myself is this truly love,
being left here all alone.

Yet you call it Love,
but when you’re not by my side,
it seems like an endless journey,
where in loneliness I ride.

Yet you call it Love,
but I still don’t see you,
and whenever I ask you over,
there’s something you must do.

Yet you call it Love,
while missing it’s true meaning,
playing those silly little games,
has made our love start leaning.

Yet you call it Love,
but a secret affair you pursue,
to me you’re like a dog in heat,
just looking for another to screw.

Yet you call it Love,
and you say you’re here to stay,
steady being mischievous though,
has driven our Love astray.

Yet you call it Love,
but instead of being together,
our Love is filled with ups and downs,
and compared to stormy weather.

Yet you call it Love,
but I call this puppy love,
because the Love in which we share,
is not by Our Father above.

Yet you call it Love,
what Love will put you to shame,
seeing someone in whom you love,
with one of a different name.

Yet you call it Love,
while saying you need your space,
needing a break from love at times,
makes one need their own place.

Yet you call it Love,
but your friends you must concern,
your mate is always there for you,
but still you have not learned.

Yet you call it Love,
but you’re trapped within yourself,
so is this really truly Love,
when your love is only for self.

Yet you call it Love,
but is this Love we share,
how can you say it’s truly Love,

when it’s you who doesn’t care.

Yet you call it Love,
but now your feelings have left,
trying to hide the reality,
someone has committed a theft.

Yet you call it Love,
now I live in a different state,
soon you’ll see Love drift away,
for your love has lost its mate.

Yet you call it Love,
but now you’ll know what it mean,
to lose someone who really cared,
as Love walks off the scene.

“Yet You Call It Love – Yet Your Love’s Not True.
God Will Provides Me With A Love – In Which Is Overdue.” (Numbers

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Clementinewoods commented on Yet You Call It Love


As I read your poem, my heart began to bleed with sadness. I could hear the hurt echoing through your words. Your poem painted a vivid picture of a person who has been terribly wounded by a relationship that’s gone sour. If this, by any chance, is a true story of your life, I want you to know that I’m so very sorry to hear this and I’ll be praying for you. In the bible, it says what God has put together, let no man put asunder. I’m reminded of when (eleven years ago before I was saved) my ex-husband told me that he had met another other. He said that he was moving out later on that day. I remember all the different emotions that flooded my body at that time. I was drowning from feeling of hurt, anguish, bitterness, loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness, fear, betrayal, despair, resentment, deception, and even a little hate. I couldn’t understand how he could walk out on our children and me (after we had been together for almost twenty years) for a woman he said he had met only a few months prior to that. I guess there are times when life just doesn’t seem fair. Sometimes love will even throw a hard low punch, but by having God in your life, it will definitely soften the blow. You can always lean on and trust in God to see you through any situation and through all circumstances. Just have faith and believe that God will work things out for the good of those who diligently seek Him. Thanks for sharing this poem and may God’s peace, love, and blessings be with you always. Your sister in Christ, Clementine.



Thank you Clementine for the comment - and this is not something that happened to me very possibly - but it happens to us all - and I just wanted to express our feelings when one undergo such a moment in life - in the long run it's their lost and your gain to have your life back - and move on without continuing to go through the hurt and pain that one will put you through - I don't need know one to sit there feeling sorry for their situation - I need for them to speak up / stand up against the situation...Amen KD

ladyjae commented on Yet You Call It Love


this is jus what i needed to read...goin thru this as i speak...crazy but o soooo true...i love it...lookin forward to reading more... :o)



I am glad I posted it again then my friend - I had taken it down as I didn't feel it was no longer needed - I guess I will leave it up a little longer this time - however you can find this and more in my book that I am asking everyone to support - The Psalters Of The Field - - hope you will help me out and spread the word thank you again for the comment... KD

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