You Are In My Heart


You Are In My Heart


Maybe there is some distance

Between these two hearts

Maybe it is the miles

That keeps us apart


Maybe someone new

Now shares what

We once shared

Consuming all your thoughts

That is why you no longer care


Maybe your love grew cold

It pained you to tell the truth

There has to be a reason

You decided to let me go


I have no regrets

On the things we shared

I was always open and true

Sharing my love was easy

With the kindhearted friend

 I found in you


Whenever I say your name

I will think only the kindest thoughts

I will close my eyes

As not to shed a tear

Knowing you’re in my heart forever


For now, I have to let you go

Holding on to what memories I have

With prayers in my heart

I ask God to watch over you

Hoping someday, one day

We will find each other again



~~ Mary Eaton~~

© Copyright MAE 2010










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RHPeat commented on You Are In My Heart


Love: that painful thing that we all need and want so much. Impaled on its sword we want it to last forever, yet the more we hang onto it; the more it slips away from us. This sounds like the painful side in that loss of love where its sharp point is withdrawn to let the wound bleed. Oh love be kind to the heart that is wounded. Dear love remember where you once gleamed in the light. Sweet love let the rain wash the stifled tears away. True love be gentle to the one who walks away. A poet friend. RH Peat

ginga commented on You Are In My Heart


Mary, A pure view of wanting to understand why love goes away.Your conviction to be kind here is commended. ginga



Thank you so much . yes, the pain doesn't go away easily, but love in ones heart stays forever. Thank you for reading and commenting. Mary

WingedWolf commented on You Are In My Heart


A lesson one must learn is to move on but always keep memories in our heart and soul. this poem expresses that beautifully, 10 from me ~Wolf~



Thank you, it was with both pain and love in my heart that I found these words to write... But I truly mean them from the bottom of my heart.... Thank you for reading and commenting!

HarverTomsson commented on You Are In My Heart


You sweet, sweet soul! I Love your surrender and your vulnerability. So many lovers are afflicted with ADD. Or it could be something old fashioned like selfishness. Good thoughts streaming your way, Harv



Thanks Harv, I have had a rough year, I'm praying that 2011 will have some brighter days for me. I'm finally receiving some long overdue counseling, and my heart surgery went well. I hope I get strong enough this year to take charge of my life, and make some serious changes for the better. Thanks for reading, and commenting. Mary

Rhymer commented on You Are In My Heart


Nice piece the heart yearns for a gone but not forgotten love. 10



It seems all i know in life these days is pain.... I pray one day God will allow some happiness back into my life.... For now all I can do is try to stay strong enough to make it through each day. Thank you for reading and commenting... I appreciate it more than you know! Mary

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