You Don't know Me


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    You Don't know Me

    You don't know what I look like
    It's plain too see
    I don't have to hide
    Futile you see
    I've torn down poems for your piece of mind
    Yet my walls were demolished
    To let you inside
    You touched my Heart
    ~ Mind~
     and Soul
    I opened myself up
    For some kind of Mojo
    Took a chance on you baby
    Please don't do me wrong
    Sometimes I was so blue
    On the Roller coaster ride
    The ups and downs
    Took me round and round
    Not known if I'm
    Coming or going
    Half past nine
    Something about your
    Smile and laughter
    Makes me keep coming back
    For more of your charm
    Your charisma has control
    Mojo has me running
    Half past nine

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    knight4696 commented on You Don't know Me


    Blue - Beware the Mojo!!! Sometimes it can be a bitch! lol! :) Love the moon pic - Mojo rising ..... Great job! :) Ken

    gogant commented on You Don't know Me


    He, or it, must have a strong hold on you.........seems as though you're happy hopping around....dancing with feet aflame....all you ever wanted is in that magic beast.............This is a marvelous piece of poetry in motion......................gogant



    thank you for reading my write... thank you very much... gogant

    redbloodink commented on You Don't know Me


    Mojo....... I like that.... been through that and can see it comming most of the time..... I step slowly now.... even slower then ever before...... even tho I long for love with a lady and the physical touch.... I would rather do with out the Mojo........ awsome write.......... red

    mustascheman commented on You Don't know Me


    Ya' know..sometimes I think we are all just a bunch of crazy people with nothing better to do than spew out meaningless scratchings of our psyche for others to pass judgment on. Then I thought ..oh yeah!..that is what's going on here!!!!!! poem!



    Poetry is intellectual means of exspressing our reflections of thoughts ideas our experiences. Lettered for the eyes to see... I do thank you very much for reading my writes.. I value your time spent on my page.. thank you very much... Thousand thank yous. Have a wonderful day

    Teardrops commented on You Don't know Me


    I love your work and I truly hope the mojo comes back in your life . But to have love you have to be willing to go for it , Great poem Marie

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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