You will see me there


You will see me there

I know those things about you

I know too that they will not last

You see I've known for some time

But I see under them

I see the causes and hear the real story

Of how they came to be

I'm not sure how I know

It comes from deep within

This knowing of you

It is silent and yet I hear

I'm not afraid

Of you

Of us

It is my desire to witness

As the need for the toughness ceases

To stand between life any longer

No more can I tell if you leave it behind for me or for you

It doesn't matter I yet witness

The call in you to other

If I could I would master the tasks ahead for you

But then I would be robbing you

Instead I anchor for you

The real power you are

For it is known to me

Like a secret rarely shared

But deftly held

In place till needed

My joy is found in the task I freely receive

That of loving you into eternity

And yes perhaps you will make it without me

But it gives me pleasure to stand in the field as witness

Of all that is taking place in you

For you are becoming more free to be yourself

This is what matters

Not the chains of the past of the drowning voices

They shall cease

But you live forever

No one, not even you can still my thunder

In glorying in who you are

Right or wrong

Loss or gain

It is my honor

Remember that

As you slumber

You will see me there


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Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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