• Love


    As long as I could remember, I had my eyes fixed on you.
    When we were young, we spent many moments together playing childish games
    Enjoying our innocence
    We often played games that challenged our purity
    As we grew older, we grew closer.
    Sharing our most intimate thoughts about the world that surrounded us
    And the shaky grounds that we walked upon.

    We began opening doors that many would be consider to be a loving relationship
    But what were these words that people spoke of?
    We were two kids with thoughtful thoughts about this crazy world
    But there was love between us
    A love so powerful that no one could brake
    It was through this love that I was able to see the being inside you.

    When I looked into your eyes,
    I saw an angel whose mind and body was more beautiful than Helen herself.
    I saw a soul who is forever loving and graceful
    And cherished the beauty that exists is this world.

    When I looked into your eyes, I saw darkness.
    For your nightly desires left you fulfilled and empty.
    You loved the world
    And the world loved you
    For you allowed them to explore your body
    And discovered its mysteries
    My mind began to wonder about you and the beautiful demon you’ve become

    I became green with envy
    For all these men were able to discover you and fulfill your desires
    They never knew you the way I did.
    All these years
    All these days that we’ve spent together
    Made me want you for more than what we were
    I fell in love with you
    I wanted to spend one night of passion
    A lifetime of love
    Wanted to show the world the person I see when I’ve with you
    But you never saw me

    You became blinded by the lust you craved
    You heated the night with your sexual fantasies
    Not seeing what true love is and how beautiful it can be
    You became lost
    You lost the innocent child that I knew and adored
    Yet I still desired you

    I often wondered what it would be like to explore your body.
    Finding the mysteries that you allowed the world to discover
    To be able to lick your pussy
    And watch you enjoy the snake that lusted for you since we were young
    But I’ll never know, for you never saw me
    For you loved another soul
    The one who could fulfill your fantasies and bring you happiness
    The one you committed your life to
    But no matter how far I go,
    I’ll always wonder what life would have been like with you.

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    ivecute77 commented on You


    another brillient piece starts out happy and ends so sad I loved it.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

    Unknown Source

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