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    Beautiful tortured soul,
    living your life alone,
    you like to live inside your head.
    Lucid dreamer,
    you are caught in your mind.
    Stting awake in your empty room
    you long for what is unknown .
    Haunted with sadness,
    tragedy runs in your blood,
    you make up by being good,
    though it scares you,
    to ever have something so good,
    but when will you ever be enough.
    You want what is beautiful,
    all that is from you dreams.
    You come to find
    you are no longer alone,
    and you fear to ever lose it.
    Incomplete, you found
    a missing piece,
    that had only been in your head,
    and your heart swells from it all.
    You think you dont deserve it,
    but this world,
    can never be meant for one like you.
    Angelic, sorrowful heart,
    so sweet and kind you are,
    always putting others before you,
    they dont realize so much of you.
    Dark angel wondering this world,
    always you and never changing,
    just living day by day.

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    windsongs commented on You


    for me, i dont need alot to be happy-time with others!

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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