Young Child You Must Prepare Yourself


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 A Poem to our youth asking them to prepare for life in a righteous way an honest way for a brighter day...


Young Child You Must Prepare Yourself

“Young Child You Must Prepare Yourself”

Young child you must prepare yourself,
for the decisions in life you make,
for everything you decide to do,
holds a consequence at stake.
Every wrong step is a set back,
and no efforts means no gain,
to deny yourself an education,
no knowledge is stored in your brain.

Preparing yourself means to study,
this shows that you’re approved,
to reach the points you must in life,
you must know all the moves.
Listening with attentive ears,
to your elders when they’re speaking,
will give you wisdom never found,
in the places in which you’re seeking.

Preparing yourself means to observe,
to see what’s happening around you,
before mistakes come halt them,
and they’ll never be back to hound you.
Being right the first time up,
you’re on to the next in line,
by striving for the first time go,
will keep you from falling behind.

Preparing yourself means doing,
the things that need to be done
proceed with caution until you’re through,
and then you can have your fun.
Make achieving your goal a priority,
in all you wish to be,
or else you’ll make a lot of mistakes,
because that’s what happened to me.

I wasn’t prepared within my life,
for things which were to come,
I’m very old and nothing yet,
to me I’m stupid - dumb.
Though I’m not a fool complete,
my errors will now be few,
by getting myself prepared in life,
the way in which I’ve told you.  Amen

“Young Child You Must Prepare Yourself,” (Proverbs 8:1-36)

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tsgirl commented on Young Child You Must Prepare Yourself


hey D. I see you back and still laying them down strong, yeah this poem here should be a speech for all young kid s to hear. very nice. I'll give you a 10++



yeah Ts sorry I didn't mean to abandon you - I'm always there in your heart and that is enough to make me smile - knowing that if I was to die today you will still be thinking of me - thanks for the comment - that is why I am trying to get people to support me - purchase my book - it's all there for everyone young and old - blacks and white - jews and gentiles - no discrimination, segregation, seperation its love for all - get your copy today - tell everyone spread the word from here to the ends of the world - the book is truly worth it...Amen... KD



just leave me a comment / a mesage / call me - the number is listed / whatever I am always here for my sisters and brothers... KD

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Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.