Your eyes..


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    Your eyes..

                          I'm swallowed....
                                 by their blue abyss..
                          So- compelled to know 
                                 how deep they really are..
                          Afraid of all that I might miss....
                          So..I stay longer-
                                 to linger in their truth..
                          Quickly and typically I look way..
                                 so that I remain aloof-

                          They shimmer back at me..
                                to reassure of their hope and integrity

                          Clearly..I do see when I look in..
                                I'm drawn to a rest and to give in..

                          I want to look forever..
                                soak in all that there is to know..
                          As I open the windows to your soul..


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    ansari commented on Your eyes..


    Eyes are the deep oceans of emotion. sometimes calm, sometimes storms, beauty, desire, hope, anger you have focussed on a topic which is the heart of the soul. Desire, longing and all the emotions in your poem. you are so creative. i love it.

    DeepEclipse commented on Your eyes..


    The eyes speak louder than the toungue. Giving secrets freely to those that look. Such power within a stare. All is calm and normal....until the glance. Then time slows and focus becomes serious. Ah I like the perspective of this write. Yes...much within the eyes. That lead to even more within the soul.

    SpiritSong commented on Your eyes..


    Completly full and deep in creativity and direction. We are lead through the eyes and miss nothing hidden in the spirit . i love this poem Amare..thank you for the journey through the eyes that peer through the windows of the soul...we saw...we felt..we understood the deep things of the spirit..great work..and a wonderful piece..

    dahlusion commented on Your eyes..


    This is creativity in all of its perfection, beauty, and imagination. " Quickly and typically I look way.. so that I remain aloof-" —— this line is so honest, it's like peering through glass.



    Thanx so much for your comments..Amare

    HarverTomsson commented on Your eyes..


    Loved, simply loved, the irony of your first line. Little iris never knew "her" power. But if you are straight, some guy's gaze mesmerized. Ah, the way of a man with a maid. This piece is so magically romantic and filled with hope.



    Thanx for the comments!!! Amare



    Thanx for the comments!!! Amare

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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