You’re Only as Old as You Feel


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    My last poem "Saturday Night", a cowboy poetry rhyme, got little attention (thanks to the two people that read it) so I can only assume that folksy stuff doesn't fair well on OP. But I'm a hard head and have posted this little folksy write to give it another chance.

    You’re Only as Old as You Feel


    I was heading down Route 54 toward Liberal, Kansas

    I could taste the beer that they serve at Rosas

    My vintage GTO cruising at about eighty-five

    The road was long; it had been a hell of a drive


    Then in my rear view mirror I spied a small speck

    It was getting ever larger and I said “what the heck”

    I couldn’t make it out but it was traveling fast

    I punched the GTO and soon the dye was cast


    Within minutes the speck turned into a jet black Harley

    The driver was a big guy and downright gnarly

    And as it passed me I could see that it was a Fat Boy Lo

    With a passenger on board which seemed apropos


    The passenger was tucked in behind him to protect from the breeze

    A gal she was, probably the guy’s main squeeze

    In a flash they were gone as if I had some social disease

    They were doing over a hundred or so, if you please  


    On arriving in Liberal I pulled into Rosas Canteen

     The Fat Boy Lo was parked out front; on its tank the name Colleen

    I walked inside and saw a sight I’ll never forget

    At the bar sat this old geezer and by his side a geezerette


    They were sipping some brewskies and laughing real loud

    They must have been eighty, she appeared well endowed

    Black leathers they wore from their head to their toe

     As I took a seat he ordered two shots of Jim Crow


    The waitress brought my beer as I stood at the end of the bar

    Some guy in the corner was playing an acoustic guitar  

    Just then they both rose and headed for the door

    Walking briskly with chains jingling, across the bar floor


    The guy passed without a word, I think I heard a small sigh

    She was a few feet behind him as she passed by

    She reached over and quickly patted my butt

    Turned and winked and then out the door she did strut


    They were nowhere to be seen when I left the bar

    I thought to myself they couldn’t have gone far

    Then I see across the street a motel named the Great Plains Chateau

    Parked in front of one of the rooms is the Harley Fat Boy Lo


    I think to myself maybe they checked in to sleep off the drinks

        At their age they probably aren’t interested in high jinks

    Then I said to myself think again dummy, c’mon

    They're shacked up for the night and are probably getting it on.


    ©Copyright Charlie Gragg October 23, 2010

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    Olan01 commented on You’re Only as Old as You Feel


    Love this and it is going to my favorites. You tell a very fine story, an anti-poem to my, "Whispers on a Breeze."



    Thanks. Your comments are always encouraging.

    lunamarie commented on You’re Only as Old as You Feel


    haha! ... you know it Hampt! ... remember what she did! ... haha! ....... great story-tellin' !!!!!!! ............ Luna



    Warmest thanks.

    StandingBear commented on You’re Only as Old as You Feel


    An interesting, different kind of tale that captures the imagination.



    Nice comment. Thank you.

    Chaos128 commented on You’re Only as Old as You Feel


    Ha ha You sure this was route 54? Aren't these the kind of shenannigans usually associated with route 66?



    Route 54 it is. Dusty and long. Thanks.

    rsalassi commented on You’re Only as Old as You Feel


    While this delicious little poem is crammed with vivid imagery, I'm not sure the sights I conjure are all that appealing. Even their tattoos are hard to see through the wrinkles and sags. But the magic sound of a name (Liberal, Kansas....or Liberty Valence) takes us back to another world. Good write.



    Thank you professor.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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