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Corum Golden Bridge Miss WHITE GOLD SNOW-SET B113/03844 - 113.249.69/0001

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Corum Golden Bridge Miss WHITE GOLD SNOW-SET B113/03844 - 113.249.69/0001 0000

Porsche Design buy luxury watches No. 1 hands-on Porsche's first design timepiece-sounds like an interesting name for a company that has designed watches for more than 40 years. In October 2014, we brought you the news of the first Porsche Design watches, at the 2015 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show-although the company did not participate because it is still in a transitional period-we met Porsche Design The company also personally practiced their "first" watch.

In order to explain the reason behind this unusual name, we must briefly discuss the interesting methods used by Porsche Design before. Over the past four decades, the company has signed 15-20 years of contracts with watchmakers-especially (after several years of working with Orfina), with IWC from 1977 to 1997 and Eterna from 1997 to 2012. With the termination of Eterna, Porsche Design decided to follow its own route and no longer sign a 15 to 20-year license agreement with external manufacturers.

On the contrary, this is an interesting point. They will work with external suppliers and they will provide them with manufacturing solutions so that the parts provided are fully in line with the requirements of Porsche Design. In a sense, this is not news, because Porsche Design has always been like this: the designer of the watch, not the manufacturer of the watch – this makes sense given the huge investment required to start mass production of high-quality watches. What Porsche Design does is provide its own expertise to create unique designs-of course, and introduce the extremely valuable Porsche name-and a major watchmaker will take care of the rest. However, as far as I know, the new feature now is that they will not only provide design to third-party suppliers, but also provide some manufacturing capabilities. This should mainly involve the manufacture of watch cases, bracelets and dials.Review luxury watches

In practice, I have seen Porsche's first design timepieces — and many prototypes of upcoming parts that are temporarily under strict embargo — I have seen this approach. Sometimes, when a brand can barely produce anything on its own, it suffers from the end result: the main components usually have a ready-made look (and/or feel). Fortunately, as far as the Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1 is concerned, this is not the case-again, I have a chance to see the 5-6 prototype.

Although the simpler, neat appearance is a trademark of Porsche Design, there is still room for unique details to be found on the watch – if any, I think it is the responsibility of the current brand management to maintain the distinctive appearance of Porsche Design Makes people's eyes bright, instead of turning it into a plain fusion of ready-made parts. The Porsche No. 1 timepiece is equipped with a 42 mm wide titanium case with black PVD coating. In fact, considering that the brand's first watch since 1972 is the first black-coated production timepiece, it can naturally "reappear" a black watch.Urwerk 110 UR-110 Ti PVD

The case is sandblasted and the PVD coated surface is very unusual, perhaps the best match for the brand. The push rod and crown are also coated in black and are larger in size-the luxurious appearance is due to the case diameter limited to around 42 mm. The outer sandblasted surface has a matte but slightly textured appearance, while the bezel has a slightly recessed Tachymeter scale with gold lettering. Matching the case is a soft rubber strap that seems to be completely seamlessly integrated-it feels great to the touch and may give up the brand's upcoming bracelet option.

The golden theme stops here, because the black dial is still flat-not necessarily a bad thing-without immediately visible textures and restrained design elements. For chronographs, one detail I usually look for is the color of the hands: when all three hands of the function (seconds, minutes and hours) use the same color, I feel that it enhances the clarity and highlights The purpose of this function. – In this case, it will be red. Instead, some circular texture treatments have been applied to the chronograph's 12-hour and 6-hour sub-dials, which shows that the designers of Porsche Design did consider separating the indications of the stopwatch function, but decided to only use the chronograph second hand Paint it red, and paint all other seconds hands red. white.replica Corum Golden Bridge Watches

The transparent bottom cover exudes the ETA 7750 movement with custom rotors-the king of modern chronograph movements. With the partnership with Eterna, it's interesting whether Porsche Design will start to equip its watches with Eterna's new Calibre 39 (discussed in detail here), because I think the Cal.39 flyback chronograph will The brands are perfectly matched. A little-known fact is that one of the key engineers and developers of Cal.39 is also the CEO of Eterna before the Chinese acquisition. Patrick Kury now works at Porsche Design. In the future, whether Porsche Design's use of Calibre 39 will help or will it be frustrated.

In general, the first Porsche Design Timepiece is interesting not necessarily because of its appearance (again with a unique appearance sufficient for Porsche design DNA), but because it marks a new start for the company. I like some retro-style designs (such as P'6540, where you can do it yourself), and even trendy and bold designs. I am very happy to see the future for the company, and now I can finally set my own path freely.https://www.chronowrist.ru

Main collection

MONOBLOC actuator

Porsche Design Monobloc Actuator Automatic Watch

The one-piece actuator is the latest innovation of Porsche Design. All watches are made of titanium. As the name suggests, the case is a unique case. The case and timing buttons are integrated in the case. It is in these pushers that we have found the most innovative details in the series. The Monobloc Actuator watch draws inspiration from the sporty Porsche 911 RSR (especially its mechanical valve technology), and it includes an articulated "rocker" push rod to control the chronograph. Another unique feature of this series is the small seconds dial. In these models, there is a small opening on the dial at 9 o'clock, and a pattern with white spines or checkered marks appears on the dial, which simply indicates to the user. Whether the watch is working.


Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC Automatic Watch

The series is directly inspired by the iconic 911 car of Porsche Design, whose design is more pure and elegant without losing its sporting essence. The first model with flyback function launched by Porsche Design was born in this series, thanks to the brand's first internal movement Werk 01.200, which has also obtained COSC certification. This feature allows its users to measure continuous time intervals, because the chronograph has been reset and restarted, without having to stop the chronograph first, you can restart it by just pressing a button. This is ideal for car activities where car lap times must be accurately recorded.www.cheapestwrist.com

In this series, Porsche showed its latest model 1919 Chronotimer Flyback Blue & Leather, which has the traditional functions of the 1919 model but has an attractive blue color. This model includes a chronograph without tachymeter scale, the classic Porsche design classic small seconds we introduced in the Monobloc section, flyback function and COSC certificate.


Porsche Design Chronotimer Flyback Series 1 Automatic Watch

This series is a tribute to the first titanium chronograph created by Porsche Design, while also adopting a very sporty design, consistent with the brand's history. The chronograph is characterized by a minimalist dial for easy reading. One of some surprising details in these models is the smoked sapphire back glass, which reveals the movement of the watch. The bezel of all Chronotimer watches has a chronograph function and a tachymeter function. For those who are not familiar with this function, the speedometer is a digital scale that can measure the average speed based on the distance traveled.perfect Bovet watches

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