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NFL releases new Green Bay Packers inverted jersey

03-18-2021 at 03:47:16 AM

NFL releases new Green Bay Packers inverted jersey

One of the things the Green Bay Packers are known for is their uniforms. The green and gold colors have been married to Green Bay since they became a franchise and the team has made very few drastic changes to their uniform style. However, we could see the Packers in a brand new jersey this fall. To get more news about [url=https://www.packernfl.com/Men_Limited]Men Limited Packers Jerseys[/url], you can visit packernfl.com official website.

recently released new inverted jerseys for each team and the Packers jersey has an interesting look. The Packers player featured is wide receiver Davante Adams that has a solid gold color with green letters and numbers.
The interesting thing about this is the jersey looks very similar to jersey Adams "leaked" last year. Here's a look at the jersey Adams showed off on Instagram.

It's unknown if the Packers will wear these jerseys this fall. But most fans will probably agree to the inverted jersey looks better than the throwback jersey the Packers wear at least once a year. Steven Ruiz of For the Win ranked the Packers throwback uniform as one of the worst in the NFL last season.

With a few tweaks, this wouldn’t be a bad look," Ruiz wrote. "But the khaki-colored pants and green facemasks on the helmets give the Packers an odd look."

Packers fans probably wouldn't be upset if the team didn't wear the inverted jersey because their current jerseys are very popular.

Tadd Haislop of Sporting News ranked every team's uniforms and the Packers came in at No. 4. Three teams that were ranked higher than the Packers were the Dallas Cowboys (No. 1), Seattle Seahawks (No. 2) and Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 3). Here's a look at what Haislop had to say about the Packers uniforms.

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