Another Fall


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    Another Fall

    The reddish yellow sphere
    breathlessly there
    hanging to invisible thread,
    not much heat you're sending
    these days
    even the leaves gather for warmth.

    You slowly sink
    exerting energy around
    not towards north
    this time of year
    seems the wind blows you away
    down south.

    The frost will freeze
    the warm silky air
    the leaves will cease to gather
    brittle winds and snow begins
    the end
    of another Fall.

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    dancinghawk commented on Another Fall


    "even the leaves gather for warmth" ... nice image ... great seasonal post! -dh



    so glad you enjoyed, thanks

    lips_unlocked commented on Another Fall


    we dont usually see it but nice to see a description of it at least!!!



    thank you! :)

    AmadeusEx commented on Another Fall


    i love fall as well, and the words you chose to describe it worked perfectly, i had a sense of turning leaves and that smell of winter that only people from seasonal climates can recognize...good poem, read mine if you get the chance



    thanks! sure will thanks 4 sharing.

    lightcourier commented on Another Fall


    very descriptive and visually evocative phrasing. Enjoyed reading this a lot. Simple words very carefully placed and arraged just right. Nice work! Thanks!

    abbadejuju commented on Another Fall


    lovely description...vivid....soft yet vibrant. I am a fan of those not to hot not to cold seasons such as the one you've just described. Well done sis!

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