Olaniyi Olanisebe.


Olaniyi Olanisebe.

Tears on my eyes pilot the blood
Blood brotherly love that theme my pen
Like a twilight you bid to pen down dirge poem,
Mama Earth an untold goodbye,
It's cruel of you to leave,
Leave me your dearest brother,
It's hard for me to believe,
You leave Babatunde Olusegun Ajayi,
Gone so soon my brother, but why?
Did you have to embark on such,
Sotrs of chasing eternity, Come back Ola,
Niyi to as to tell me why you choose to,
To bring blood out of my tears,
My mind, my heart and my soul weeps bitterly,
Like tracing the infinity.

Your ghost and gaol spins round my
My passionate axis and can't stop,
Stop to hope and wish dyingly unproductively that,
That you are still alive here to,
Next smile at me and I grin at you if,
If I ever have to live my life without you as,
As my days are all empty and tears raining down,
Down on my sacred visage, to me, you beyond,
Beyond yonder when i quit wondering your wander,
Wander about my brain bringing hot tears,
Tears that tears my memories apart always,
Always will you stay in my heart forever brother,
Brother find favour with gods, God have mercy,
Mercy for my brother, I pray God for Olaniyi,
Olaniyi Olanisebe, despite my painful tears, ah I,
I love you for life, Olaniyi Olanisebe mi.

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Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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