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All of my poems are my emotions they all came straight from my heart. Some of more meaning than others.The poems " To Say Goodbye" and "Only Time Will Tell",was wrote for my mom after she had her heartattacks,(just got to thinking what life would be like without her,she is my world), lucky and I thank god everyday for this she survived!!! The poem "Just Because You Can't See Me" was wrote for my uncle to lift his spirits after the passing of my aunt ( his wife) due to cancer in 2005. The poem "Right There For You" was wrote for my cousin after the passing of my uncle ( his dad) in 2007. The poems about family that is the way my family really is. The poem "Dreams" was wrote for a friends boyfriend, that she wanted to to let him know how she felt. The poem "Violence" was wrote because every where you look you either see or hear something about violence. The poems "I Look At The Tree" & "The Sky" was wrote because of the weather on the days that they were wrote. "The poem "Life Is Like Ferris Wheel" was wrote because thats the way of life with ups and downs. The poem "As I Sit Here And Watch" was wrote for my daughter, because one minute I look at her and she is a baby and the next minute she is all grown up.


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Am really sorry 4 everythin u've been thru, it's really hard 4 sum1 2 cope 4rm such situation but u did, ur emotions really touched me. Hi



thank you very much. sorry it took forever to respond i don't go on original poetry to often. i see the situations that everyone goes through is a way to make a person stronger and help learn from mistakes.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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Title Comments
Someday 0
Without You 2
Game of Heartache 0
Left Alone 1
Lost 0
Hidden Feelings 0
Guess I Never Meant that Much 1
My Gift 2
My heart stopped. 0
Is The End Near 0
Just One Chance..... 0
As Time Went On 0
Till I Met You 0
Empty Punching Bag..... 1
Two Hearts,One Heart,Two Hearts 0
Empty and Lonely Turning into Cold and Bitter 0
Familiar Stranger 0
You've Gone Away 0
Blackened Box 0
To Be 0
Tear Drops in Heaven 1
Remember This 0
Heavenly Whisper 0
Shattered Lonliness 0
Soulless Girl 0
Journey Beyond Journey 0
The Memory Remains 0
World so alone,so cold 2
Faceless Tears 1
Blood of Tears 0
Broken Light 0
Mother's Day 0
Either You Do Or You Don't... 0
Behind The Eyes of Tears 2
My Wish 2
To Say Goodbye 2
My Heart Belongs To You 3
The Unspeakable 1
Only Time Will Tell 1
Being There For You 0
The Way You Make Me Feel 1
My Aunt 0
With Sisters 0
My Brother 0
Life Is Like A Ferris Wheel 0
I Look At The Tree 1
The Sky 0
Right There For You 2
Christmas 0
As I Sit Here And Watch 0
School 0
What Is A Friend 1
Dreams 0
My Mother 0
Mothers 0
Uncaring Fathers 2
Violence 0
Do You Hear Me? 0
Just Because You Can't See Me 0