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umm ok idk what brought this up or w/e or i offended you in some way. umm ok my bad, and who is spewing lies?and who is giving out false information just out of pettiness? because i'm not sure what your getting at. or are trying to offend me. listen if you'v bin reading my poems and i offended u. then dont read it. i like to express my self and cuss. because i never really show my emotions in real life so my only meds is poetry and frankly this is how i express my self i'v bin writeing sense i was 13 dude/ and i dont plan on changein anytimes soon. people are entiled to there opinion's and people seem to like my stuff. . kudos that your a real poet ook ?. and also when did i lie & destrying someones reputation? where is this comeing from. so if you dont like my stuff of on this site then by all means look else where. idk how this has to do with me... imean let me kno and be specific



hey karma, i was not talking about you or anything about you..i was talking about someone on this site..who is spreading lies..but its not you..k...i dont even know you..and only read a few of your poems..and i know i dont have to go on your site if im offended by what you write..what i was talking about was a person on this site, and we know each other, she gave 2 poems and it was based on lies ..i just thought u might like to know...im an honest person, and i take poetry serious and im old enough to know people express themslves differently, and while reading a few of your sobmissions..you never came across as petty..you showed true emotion and it seemed honest and from the heart...i was just upset that a mutual friend would use different web sites to vent her anger, by spewing lies about another mutual friend..thats all..and just thought u may want to know..esp. when it seems you take this site seriously..i have read other poeples poetry and they also seem to take this site seriously..so thats that...oo on a personal note ..keep up the good work with ur writing...thanx for caring enough to write me back...that shows ur character...its awesome and caring..thanx again..and have a good one...unrelated

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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