The life of a trucker.


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    The life of a trucker.

    As I drive down this lonely road, a thousand miles away from home. The phone rings and I begin to wonder, has my love found another. You pick up the phone and begin to smile, cause you realize you haven't talked in a while. They tell you the news, some good and some bad, but like always it makes you sad.
      She says the kids are fine in there beds, their faces you start to see in your head. She says the baby has started to talk, I even missed it when he started to walk. As I hear my babys voice, I can feel the tears as my eyes get moist. A strain in my voice as I say I love you, She stays on the phone when I say I have to go, but she says I cant wait till you get home.
     I set at a table in a truckstop alone. I see familys with smiles on there faces and it makes me think of my own. I want to call home but I know its too late, so i eat my meal and say the call can wait. I get in my truck and contiue to driving, I know that real soon my hometimes arriving. I deliver my load and head due south, feeling the flesh from her wonderful mouth. I pull up at home and climb from the cab to go in the house. Where my kids knock me over trying to get out.
      I wrap my arms around them and tell them I'm hear. They ask when Im leaving with voices of fear. My lady comes out and holds me real tight, and asks what are we doing tonight. She showers me with love, its tender and joy. The baby asks me to play with his toy. Two days at home not nearly enough. THis makes a truckers life really rough.

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    scrye commented on The life of a trucker.


    This shows quite a talent for storytelling james i'm impressed. Really well done and hope you write more.

    Mangus commented on The life of a trucker.


    I feek the definite pain and loneliness in this piece. You also captured the madness that passes through your mind while your gone. Very realistic piece. I used to pull 48 and canada, it seems a lifetime ago, but this piece bring it all back.

    nmedina commented on The life of a trucker.


    Aaaahhhh, this poem is so realistic. I can relate with your wife, I hated when my ex was gone for months at a time. He would only come back for one week or days, and then off to another state. Keep writing, I like your work!

    Bethane1978 commented on The life of a trucker.


    I loved it babe. It made me cry. What you wrote was beautiful and true. Im proud of you. Love you forever.

    cowboyup1824 commented on The life of a trucker.


    To be honest you said you don't have talent. That's a lie. I love this poem and your work is really good. I felt the heartache you feel and I had teary eyes. Keep up the good work and never put your work and own emotions down cause its really good!

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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