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  • Emotions and Belief is a compilation of poems that relates to different topics such as romance,religion, emotions, love, changes and life style. This book has a unique way of linking the way you feel to what you believe in. As humans we all have emotions and believe in something. Keywords: life-style, love, poems, quotes, faith, memoirs, biography, dedication, belief, emotions. For more Information, visit and follow me on twitter @poetic_kelz

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This poem is about the way of life and the role that our belief plays in who we are today. To read more, visit


If you see life as a game, you will realise that life is in stages.

Seeing life as a book will prove to you that life is like a book of different pages arranged into chapters.

But if you see life as a dream, Life might seem to you like a joke.

Have you ever had a dream that got you smiling when you woke up?

Just because you think it is big and impossible.

Well, that’s what life is. Several stages in life seem impossible to break through.

Impossibility is another word for that which only God can do, for with God, all things are possible. Looking through the stages of my life, I wouldn’t have escaped the first stage

if not for God that strengthened me.

I wake up every day to fill the pages of my life with the goodness of the rock of ages, for every stage he makes me breakthrough.

When I was far away, he drew me nearer.

When I was lost he found me.

I was sick, he healed me.

I was tired, he renewed my strength.

When I was empty, he filled me with his goodness.

These are few of the things I get daily,

because my bible told me he loads me daily

with his benefit.

The birth of Jesus was good news to me,

his death gave me everlasting life,

and much more his resurrection that reassured me of comfort.

He sent the comforter to me, to support me in every chapter of my life and to guide me through my dreams.

My journey through life and the manifestation of his words

in the midst of all tribulation has proved to me that his word indeed became a flesh that dwells with me daily and now I’m proud to say, it is the time for my transition,

a transformation I got through Jesus, the author of my salvation.



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ayyan commented on TRANSITION


A GOOD POEM ON LIFE AND EGERGETIC EXPRESSIONS ON JESUS CHRIST. all the best poet , i like your way of writing- ayyan



Thanks Ayyan, please check out my book at and follow me on twitter @poetic_kelz to keep in touch :)

NativeAmeriGirl commented on TRANSITION


Bueno, I love the way you have chosen to express this a conversation of promise, smile! Muchas gracias for allowing me the honor......Native



Thanks for your comment, I have now published a book called Emotions and Belief. Please check it out at Gracias :)



Wow, congrats!!! I will definitely check it out, the Author Communities @ "Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarythings, and on Facebook" look me up, sonrisa.... my new books call "Peer Inside My Soul and See Me" be well mi amigo, sonrisa...

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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