Where Others Have Been


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    Where Others Have Been

    I can’t do this with you
    Being with you is a sin
    You’ve invited me to a place
    Where others have been
    You’re not virgin territory
    Neither am I
    Doing you would be the apocalypse of me
    I would surely die

    Why put me in this position
    Under your temptation, begging me to give in
    To a place others have discovered
    A place where others have been
    You see the ring on my finger
    And I see you still don’t care
    The word No used to be hard for me to say
    Now I’m planning to stay out of Hell

    I wish I’d been like this before
    Instead of someone with so many regrets
    Letting others go to a place
    Where others have been
    So many feelings destroyed in my hurricane
    So many relationships I helped go bad
    Over 15 minutes average of pleasure
    These memories I want to forget

    There’s nothing wrong with my vision
    I’m not naïve and I won’t pretend
    That I don’t recognize your intentions
    To take me where others have been
    Like a mirror, you’re an object closer than you appear
    So I have got to walk away
    Your touch is cunning and venomous
    Like the world’s most poisonous snake

    I will not lose this clean slate
    Jesus Christ and my wife are my best friends
    I will not enter your circle of death
    A circle where others have been
    For you to know, I am untouchable
    I’ve become a better man
    And your beauty, although fine, it’s skin deep
    It’s a place where others have been

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    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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