A million Stars


A million Stars

A million stars out tonight,
And I see them all alone.
A bright full moon high above,
To light your way back home.

So many nights you’ve been away,
Too many days I’ve waited.
Rivers of tears I have shed,
Only my misery I have dated.

Sorrow, pain and loneliness,
My only companions by my side.
Into the darkened depths I creep,
My heart I now shall hide.

I’ve laid myself out before you,
For you to turn away.
I offered all that I am,
But still you went astray.

I don’t know why you broke my heart,
What made you be so cold.
All the anger and hate inside,
Is beginning to unfold.

Your excuses never will make sense,
As your actions never have.
Now you are so miserable,
Such a pity you made yourself so sad.

I was never the one who hurt you,
This was never part of the plan.
You took a different path than me,
And that is where you ran.

Sorry things all fell apart,
As I somehow knew they would.
The bridge you burnt, never rebuilt.
As well it never should.

Deep down I feel like things will change,
But my mind is all the wiser.
You don’t possess what I yearn for,
You’ll always be a liar.

The fires deep with in me burn,
The passion growing stronger.
All the love I felt for you,
I can not feel any longer.

My gray skies still gray,
And I am still blue.
Often I am feeling,
There’s nothing I can do.

Hopeless and helpless,
And utterly alone.
But still I return,
To my emptiness called home.

All the wasted years,
The best of my youth.
My wildest desires,
Not hiding the truth.

I feel bitter ya know,
As I have for so long.
I can’t let it go,
So unsure what went wrong.

Still dreams do come true.
As many do say.
So I hope and I hope,
And often I pray.

I mustn’t be so sad,
And I shall not forever cry.
For sooner or later,
I am bound to die.

For until then,
I will constantly be reminded.
Of how foolish I was,
How easily blinded.

For wounds do heal,
And some scars fade.
But in my memory,
It’s permanently engraved.

I know I miss you,
But I hate you even more.
What do you think of your ex now?
Still think she’s a whore?

I go out I dance,
And Lord knows I tease.
Without you here,
I can do whatever (or should I say ‘whomever’) I please.

You were my lover,
Before that my friend.
You swore that you’d love me.
Till the very end.

You changed me forever,
Most say for the better.
There are so few that say,
We should still be together.

They know how you hurt me.
I never hid the things you’d do.
Who am I trying to protect,
Me or a pathetic you?

You thought that you could,
Get away with your crimes.
But you hurt me, you beat me.
You should’ve done time.

Just so you know,
Incase you can’t see.
Never ever again,
Had you better bother me.

I hate you, I curse you.
I wish you were dead!
And once and for all,
Get up out of my head.

I made you leave.
No need to ask why.
I hit you, you choked me
You threatened my life.

My heart will mend,
But not my soul.
It is hard to trust,
When you aren’t quite whole.

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Drivingczar commented on A million Stars


Good write!



i would have to agree this is a well written poem. i know alot of us can relate to it as well.



Thank you both. I know, years later. I have not been on here for a long time.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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