Chain Mail


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This poem was written after "Cosmic Psalm" had about twenty straight tens and was a day away from winning the contest. That day, some little thirteen year old girl submarined it because she had a poem in too and wanted to win. Ironically, I entered this in the contest and it also went to the last day with perfect scores when some one gave it a three because he didn't like the tone of it. Funny thing happened after that...I inadvertently entered Butterfly Effect in the contest and it won with six comments which raised a lot of controversy on OP. We (me included) self proclaimed poets can be a selfish, arrogant lot.

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Chain Mail

 WARNING: do NOT read this poem
 unless you are prepared
 to deal with the consequences
 there you go
 now you’re in for it
 if you don’t rate this poem
 with a witty comment
 (at least 50 characters, of course)
 your life will always feel
 incomplete, unsatisfying
 while your search for love
 and honest meaning
 will be a futile joke
 now, if you don’t rate it a ten
 you’ll be cursed
 with a dying planet,
 global warming,
 and a world where the haves
 take more
 and have-nots attempt to survive
 with miserably less
 until the world ends;
 December 21, 2112
 I am truly sorry
 I apologize for placing you
 in this conundrum
 but the question still becomes
 what are you going to do?
 walk away and be cursed
 tempt fate and our future
 and not rate this
 or enter something
 other than a perfect score
 and oh yeah,
 if you don’t rate this
 if you don’t rate it a ten
 and if you don’t tell at least
 one other person
 to rate this poem,
 you’ll feel the boney fingers
 of the grim reaper
 on your shoulder
 before dawns first light
 and the devil
 will consume your soul
 for breakfast
 man, I love poetry contests!

Runnells, Iowa '10
Jerry Browning © 2010

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SWesleyMcgranor commented on Chain Mail


The devil consumes the mind; or at the very least he starts there.

moonsail commented on Chain Mail


This is of spirit..and dry humor..and so true, some poets have such fat egos... you have very real talent :)

terrellharrisjr commented on Chain Mail


a little indulgent but aren't we all..... very witty. I have been away for a while but you are still just as good!



thanks Terrell...hope you're doing well

windsongs commented on Chain Mail





not sure what you mean windsongs

SuziJean commented on Chain Mail


I had a sudden impulse to go hide in a corner. Ceepy. But i did need a little creeping out. The voice and the mood of this poem... All in all excelent work! :) I would rate it ten... but ratings are disabled ...



Thanks got all tens when it was in the contest but a guy submarined it with a one the last big deal

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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