I come to you....


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    I come to you....

    I come to you with my arms spread wide and hope in my eyes
    with the thought of saving you from the experience of ruining yourself
    to take the pain away because you're only free when vengeance dies
    and people don't understand that hate and stress is bad for your health

    I come to you with my heart open and my words to share
    so you will not give in and you will always have hope and faith
    because I know how it feels to think there's no one who cares
    but that is a lie and I'm here to become your escape

    I come to you because no one came for me and that killed inside
    but I know now that I was never alone I just chose to think it so
    because the truth is I was scared and my only option was to hide
    but from what and why I still don't know

    I come to you because I feel it is where God put me here to be
    I believe that it was God's will that my life was hard so I'd have a story to tell
    and I know you may think that no one is on your side but remember there's me
    and I want you to liberate and be set free and to always excel

    I come to you to say my freedom was knowing I had someone that needed me
    and that alone shall set me free because I don't have time to sit worry
    because this is no longer about me you and please allow me
    to save you from what ever it is your going through because I've been though
    and I know that life sometimes screw with your mind and I have also
    broken down and start crying because i felt I was done
    and there was no reason for me to be here and
    I know you are feeling the same but STOP

    Lift your head and wipe your eyes I give you my shoulder to cry
    Bow your head and I know it seems like this is a waste but it's not...
    ask God for forgiveness even if you fell you aren't wrong
    because to doubt him is wrong STAND and be strong....It's time to be happy
    Help me because without your smile my purpose is lost....I will be lost
    because since I was 12 I'd cry and I wouldn't know why
    but now I understand i cry for you and me because I feel that if you feel my pain you are suffering
    but STOP once you smile I can Smile and we can lift each other up and have freedom because

    I come to you because you came to me in a dream and asked me to set you free...
    and I cried and stop feeling sorry for myself and started crying out for you...to tell you...
    you saved me let me save you and be set free

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    prophesy commented on I come to you....


    you are of a beautiful spirt(let know man or woman take what you are destin to become. (thank god for you)king prophesy

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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