mmm baby black cat


  • Erotic

    mmm baby black cat

    well she is black as a tiger ,
    that holds captured the night,,
    she is day light and darkness,
    yes all at the same time,

    with eyes that shine,
    as if there were diamonds
    reflecting the rainbows
    rays of sunlight

    when she's on the prowl ,
    let it be known,
    no mans heart is safe now,
    they say her beauty even put God in awe ,
    she's a wonder, who's soul could never be owned,
    she's a Queen who needs no king beside her,

    she's the flow in the Nile ,
    now look at her love does not lie ,
    sing her beauty shell not be denied ,

    she the reason for this rhyme ,
    fantasy ecstasy,a dream so heavenly,
    she causes a wet spot on my thigh
    every time she walks by,
    she is black with a flame that burns hotter than coal,
    she reaching in with both hands touching my very soul,
    her angelic body i can't fight it my manhood wants to stroke,
    however not before i taste her juices first till i choke.

    well she hot but oh so cold,she's winter summer .
    such a mesmerizing creature a wonder to behold,
    she cause my mother nature lotion to over flow,
    just thinking about the oasis down below,

    i'm so turn on temperature rising ,
    what it is,,is what it be
    somebody strike a match i wanna see ,
    if it's hotter where her two legs meet ,
    ouch it hurts so good ,

    think i make understood
    you are an angel after my own heart ,
    in the nude you are a goddess ,
    my my realm i pray you never part

    come my love let me undress you,
    love you up just so that my touch ,
    will rain down,
    chills thrills,build up the heat,

    yeah right there where dem legs meet.
    i will do a little something ,
    for that honey spot..make you wiggle jiggle ,
    spout in my mouth
    taste it cause i know it is good to the last drop,

    grind ur hips gyrate on my tongue,
    as i flicker lick such pleasures unknown ,
    give me what i know you wish for me to have,
    a taste of the nectar,

    spread those legs ,place ur hands on ,
    the back of my head,
    use me as if i were your sex toy,
    giving you plenty of zest filled with tenderness
    place my face where ever you want,
    as along as you place it where it feels the best,
    mmmm baby bend over let me lick it kiss it from the back.,
    do that love for me,,,wizthom@09

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    LeighPoetic commented on mmm baby black cat


    Woah that was good. :)

    bludolphinz commented on mmm baby black cat


    Damn this is hot, pretty damn good, liked it!

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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