My Mommy Killed Me


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Although this is a fictional poem, I did see a broadcast and photo of a little baby whose mother had killed her.  I wrote the poem but knew none of the details about the death and still don't. 

I am hoping that I can be an advocate for children and can somehow speak for them through divine  guidance.  That is why my next book is entitled "Voices of the Children."  There might be someone who knows of a child(ren) being abused...if so, please, please report it.  Too many of our babies are dying at the hands of an adult.

My Mommy Killed Me

My Mommy Killed Me 

My mommy killed me and I don’t know why

I was only 3 months old when she made me die

When I left Heaven to come here

I didn’t know I would be here less than a year

When the doctors delivered me and told mommy she had a girl

I thought she would be happy that she brought me into her world

However, when she took me home she was all smiles

Especially when family members and friends were around

I tried to be a good baby and rarely made a sound

 But that was so hard for me to do

I only knew how to cry and later how to coo

After showing me off she would drop me in my crib

Sometimes something in my back would hurt

I learned later it was my rib

I was happy when a couple of mommy’s friends

Told her to give me to them

She would hold me close and give me a kiss

I thought she was sincere

But the hatred in her eyes nobody could miss

Why could she not love me?

I was always smiling and looked cute as I could be

My picture has been on the TV news

For everyone to see

 If only she had put me up for adoption

Maybe someone else would have loved me

After I got back to Heaven

I realized why I had to give up my life

 My Heavenly Father didn’t want mommy

To birth anymore kids and I was the sacrifice

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cousinsoren commented on My Mommy Killed Me


THe tragic story of the unwanted child. Parents klll them in somany evil ways,, inclding slow death of malnurtrition, beatings, absence of affectionate embrace, unkind words, lack of medical attention and sexual abuse. Thie crafting of this poem is immaculate. We cannot ,,wait for God's children to have happiness in hheaven. They must first be securely happy on earth. It is their divine right. No child should be abused or deprived. Afterall, they werre assigned to us ,as one of the sacred duties to care the earth. My rating for diction, unity, clarity and consistent development of theme, fervency of pathos is 10x10



"We cannot wait for God's children to have happiness in Heaven; they must first be securely happy on earth. It is their divine right." That statement says it all and I will do my best to spread the word wherever I can. Thank you so much.

cousinsoren commented on My Mommy Killed Me


The msssage is clear in this impeccaby crafted poem. My rating is 10x1ox1o+



Would you believe me if I told you writing these poems about abuse were as though the children were telling me what to write? Thank y ou for your comment.

oneloveALZ commented on My Mommy Killed Me


I can tell this is a very touchy subject personally to you...its good for you to be that voice that the mother did not hear ...even though the poem is fictional it isn't because as humans we feel and im sure that child had felt what you had portrayed it is just so a women to imagine someone doing that to their child....but it happens continuously people just dont care



You are so right when you stated "...people just don't care." It is more important nowadays to talk about who is sleeping with who, etc. I will continue to try to be the voice for the voiceless. Thank you for your comment.

MsKrystle commented on My Mommy Killed Me


Wow, this is very emotional. Im a mother and at times it can be stressful but I would never hurt my children, it would kill me. I dont know why women choose to kill their child instead of giving them up. No one will judge you for giving up your child and admitting you cant take of them, that's understandable. But taking an innocent child's life is simply unforgivable. Thank you for sharing this poem



I didn't realize I had not replied to your comment; my profound apology. In Nov. my book "Voices of the Children" was published. You can see the review of it if you go to I will post a few more from there, however, most of them are very long. Again thank you for your comment.

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