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  • Location: Versailles , IN
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Hello Eveyone,

I'v been writting since i was about 9 years old, on everything from love to deep personal experiances that I have had in my twisted but fun life. I'm 29, a father of two children that I love so much.

I hope when you read some of my works, you feel as if your on a journey into somethig wild and exciting, so enjoy the writting and please comment and rate. Feel free to add me as a friend or message me anytime.

Thank you and Enjoy,
Christopher Wayne Campbell


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To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

Chigger2069’s Poems (22)

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Title Comments
Abyss 1
The Last Addiction 7
Druken Jibbrish 2
Hour Glass 8
I am a Product 4
Smile 3
The Final Battle Chp. 1 4
Journey to My Inner Soul 1
Follow This be Crazy like Me. 7
From The Ashes 1
One Last Time 1
Behind Closed Doors 2
Come Walk With Me 7
The Last True Warrior 7
Baby Girl 3
Prayer of an Old Soul 3
Dreams Vs Reality 2
In Her Eyes 2
Tearless Angel 2
In Darkness 2
The One I look up Too. 3
Time is Meaninless 2