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Born in Dallas, Texas 1984 as Jason Crump, raised as a Compton, CA native, life was in a crossroad seeing how a country boy was introduced to the big city life. As I came of age, the streets that would soon claim the lives of many close friends, it that caused life to change.

By the age of nine years old, I found myself fighting for respect & in years to come fighting for my life! Yet life was moving in to high gear by the age of 12 I would have lived in five different cities only in a matter of 2 years. My mother & step father doing the best they could to remove me from the trap that many refer to as the hood! In their mind, it would help me have a better life, yet I always found my way to the trap (the hood) of the fast pace city life, not knowing I was running straight for a brick wall.

Now being street creditable at the age of 14 years old I found myself in the mist of shooting gang fights, drug dealing, and still not satisfied with life wanting more I took part in crimes of every kind as long as I got money. I thought I had enough seeing how I

was the only kid at my high school who had a apartment 2 or 3 cars & of course money the root of all evil. Yet that was not enough now the most fear kid in school I supply or give the helping hand to get people what they wanted.

One day it would end, is what I was told by my older cousin & life took a turn for the worst all attempts at playing basketball were thrown away over a fright with someone I called a friend & I was on a crash course to a destructive life. After which, I started a city wide gang fight at school that resulted in a friend being shoot in the head, leaving him half brain dead, & me banded from the school distract in the city my mother worked so hard to keep me from.

Now label as a troublemaker life was harder for me, yet somehow I found a way to get in as much as I could handle. So I found myself being asked one thing, (What did I want out of life?), never took something like that into consideration. Somehow thinking what I was always told was true (my kind never make it past 17 years of age), & here I stood age 16,

headed for the gutter lane of life! Living carefree was not my only option, now I was shown the world & told possibilities were unlimited I just had to want it.

Life as I knew it was starting to slow down, my actions started to hold more responsibilities, I knew right from wrong but still choose the streets, & my hardest lesson of all would have walked in my face, 21 years is what I faced not even two months after turning 17 years of age! ATTEMPED DISWAYING A WITNESS plus 7 more charges, my life as I knew it had been stopped it was all over yet after pleading with God do to a major lie that lie to my arrest I was released with a new chance at life, & boy did it come fast & hard!

I found out in the next few days I was said to be the farther of a young boy (Jeremiah) whom had just turned 3 months, I open my arms to my oldest boy after it was proven real that he was my off spring. About this time in life I was in a state of denial, I never thought I would live to see the day (me to be a farther), let alone the age I was, having already buried about 15 close friends my heart was hard to the world.

Even I after seeing so many lives taken I often did things that should have gotten me killed! I hated myself but loved my child. I was confused, life at its next crossroads where was I to go? Time passed I found myself holding on to the streets yet giving my all to my son, soon the two would break loose all too fast. I remember like it was yesterday, I’m doing as good as my heart, mind, & soul will let me yet my baby’s mother wanted more, when I refused she did the one thing she knew would hurt me, took my name & ran it through the dirt!

Now cops were following me .With all of that going on, I held it all together at school seeing it was my last year, or what I thought was my last year. I was soon to find out I would not be graduating at all, I ended up a drop out. Life took its worst turn, my cousin Anthony was shoot down right here in Rialto, CA 5 days after my 18th birthday, my world was collapsing all around me.

The next few months were just Gods way of slowing me down.

Things happened that lead me to be convicted of attempted robbery 2nd degree but I would face 63 years & two strikes. Life as I knew it had been erased as I was told in San Bernardino youth center, I was on my way to prison at the age of 18! I learned & learned yet I lack the keys that would keep me on the street, so upon release I went into the habit of the old me, soon to see things had changed in the world.

Two years of my life was gone, my son now 3 years of age new of me as a no one, yet I fought to do right found a woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Yet old habits break hard & very hard, now 21years of age with a prison G.E.D. & no skills in any type of work, life was setting in & getting real every day.

I found out my wife to be was soon to have a child. I ran & found myself in deeper trouble than before facing 54 years in prison for a gun! Life was on its own course no longer was it about me it was time to man up. I allowed God to get control of my life & served my time.

Twenty-nine MONTHS later I was the father of two young men a husband, but now with the focus of God seeing life for what it was, a blessing & have put the former things behind me, with a passion to help others so they won’t waste there life as I once did. I am truly a man now I hold a job & live through the struggle every day hoping to see the next day by Gods grace. I know he did not give me all this for nothing so I feel I was chosen by God to do his will & mentor people!

Now proud to be a father to three lovely children ( Jeremiah, Jason II, Leilani) & a husband life has made a turn around.


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I admire the fact that shared your story to the world..not many have enough courage. You sharing what you have conquered,your testimony, may help someone in the future.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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