Straight To Hell


Straight To Hell

Where is my country- where has it gone

Why does it death wish instead of live on

The way that it used to when God was its head

When Washington heeded each Word Father said?


Where is the Spirit that once filled its heart

That taught it to always be state of the art?


Where is the wonder, the joy and the fun

That overflowed through us when we were all one

Before special interests decided to kill

What once was so sacred and blest in God’s will?


What drove it to give in to ignorant bliss

And those who are blind to what truth really is?


Whose fault made it happen- whose self-serving plan

Decided to rebuild our future on sand

Where noise is called music and role models few

Where Supreme Court judges say what we can do?


Is this what we worked, hoped, and prayed for each day

To let godless lawyers and fools have their way?


I don’t think so either so let’s fix it now

Before God’s pure patience decides to run out

Before the wrong people take total control

And plot to make iron from what once was gold


Let’s send them a message as clear as a bell:

‘If you don’t do God’s will you’ll go straight to hell’


I wrote this in anger- the kind God inspires

Like earthquakes and lightning and deadly wildfires

Like prophecy warned of a terrible flood

And wars that require the shedding of blood


Look out unbelievers, the hour is near

When extreme acts of God cause unspeakable fear


But only in those who refuse to believe

That Jesus can save them before we all leave

Before Father’s angels show up to collect us

From those who ignored truth and tried to infect us


Let’s echo this message and firmly repel

The sinners who’ve chosen to go straight to hell




John Christopher


PS: Jeremiah + 10:10

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Charlie23 commented on Straight To Hell


I would say this certainly is a reality check. Very strongly written! Excellent message!

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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