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To achieve success in anything you need to start with a dream. Know your dream. Know why you are doing what you are doing. Create the fire that's needed to connect you with your dream. Create the passion you need in your pursuit of success. Create a desire to reach your achievements. Success can be yours if you have the courage to try..May your wishes all come true and they can it's all up to you

  • Age: 88
  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States
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About me:
You can call me William, Bill or Cash but don’t call me Big Daddy Cash unless you want to be my friend and for God sake don't call me Sue.
PenName: Big Daddy Cash
Name: William Cash Neve
Age: 73- 01/02/36
Sex: Male
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah--United States
Nationality: Danish
Education: Junior High 8th Grade
Influence: Honesty, Integrity and Love
Writing Style: My Way

Favorite Quotes:
"The mind is the key to the vehicle that travels the roads and byways of time." It's Mine all mine, I love One Liners.

Claim to Fame:My Book onTotal Recovery from Alcoholic Addiction.


This is a story about a shattered life lost in the world of WHO CARES.

This is a true story;

My name is Cash Neve and this is my story told in the best way that I know, my way.

I was raised to have high morals and standards, and taught that a successful man always puts his family first and with good living everything else would fall into place.

My greatest desire was to raise a family in a safe and financial free world.

My intentions were good and so were my motives and this kept me steadfast and relentless.

My whole life was built around my wife and children and the world I could provided for them. I wanted a life that was filled with love and embellished with serenity.

My life was my family and I was the master of my domain. If this domain were to crumble then my life would cease to exist.

My domain (world) was a small ranch in southern Utah and in all appearances it was the ultimate answer to all of my dreams. Inside the borders of this ranch lay my whole reason for being, my life, my world, my domain.

Well, you guessed it! It all came tumbling down. My wife ran off with another man, my children left me and consequently my life was shattered.

This story is not unique, it happens all the time. You probably know someone in your realm of acquaintances that it has happened to, if not exactly the same, similar.

However, the outcome of this is unique because very few sink and rise. Total recovery is almost unheard of.

I spent the next ten years of my life married to the bottle, as I was always successful at what I did; I became a very successful alcoholic. I went right from the top all the way to the bottom; as a matter of fact I ended up living in the streets, rolling other drunks for enough money to get that drink I always needed.

I was unshaven, dirty and smelly, and as bum like as any successful drunk can be. When a person gets this low the most likely next step down is a horrible and painful death.

The percentage of alcoholics that turn about and climb back up the ladder from which they descended is low to nil, but it can be done.

I don’t know how else to put it, believe it or not I was visited by an angel who gave me the courage to start all over again.

During the years that I was raising my family, I had an uncommon sharing of ESP with my youngest daughter. I always knew when she was in need of any kind and by the same token, she had the same feelings.

I was close to death when my daughters’ inner sense told her that her daddy needed her, even though it had been years since she’d seen or heard from me. She didn’t even know where I was, but she knew she had to find me.

Which she did.

I was having a heart attack and was covered with urine and vomit, a very unpleasant sight, when my daughter found me. The doctors said I would have died if she hadn't found me when she did.

I’ll never forget the look on my daughter's face when she first walked into that room and looked at me lying there on the floor. I saw concern, shock, disbelief and displeasure painted on the face of the daughter I’d raised to love and respect me.

That is when I decided that no matter what it would take, I was going to cure myself of this disgusting affliction. This shocked me back into reality and I swore right there and then that no one would ever see me like that again.
This scene took place over twenty years ago and through tons of research and a deep-rooted determination, I was able to keep my commitment. Since that time, my recovery has been a marvelous work and wonder and I am gaining back my stature.

What you have just read is the preface to "My Life Story Lost and Found".
My claim to fame: My one claim to fame is my peace of mind. I've lived a long life and made tons of mistakes. I've tried to make amends for all the harm that I've done but in some cases that's not possible. So instead of making amends I now make repairs. I try to fix the problems of others and that's where I've found my biggest successes.
My Way
What you will find in my written material has not been edited to correct grammatical, functional and occasional spelling mistakes. I label my magical content My Way because that is exactly what it is; My Way. My signature, personality, thoughts and ideas, are presented in the only way I know and I refuse to change it because it comes from my heart not from an English book, dictionary or thesaurus. It’s hard for me to find a publisher to publish my books because they all want to do them their way and I readily admit that their way may be right but my way is me and that is the way I want it to be. What I have written in my books I have written just for YOU my reader, so please don’t judge me by my use or misuse of grammar and words, judge my books by the intent and the content. I have two great passions that I like to portray with my written word, Happiness and the Rewards Life has to offer. Therefore read what I have written Your Way but keep in mind it is written My Way.

My Way is a world of sharp infighting, excellent achievements and a good deal of chicanery, hypocrisy and just plain madness.


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very chilling story, but dont we all.. well at least the strongest of the pack...

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Ok! I am still spinning from the sheer amazement of what I just read. I am going to need today as I continue wrapping myself around your eloquent display of rhetoric! BigDaddyCash, you've got my vote! LoL

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Your biography was like a movie, only I know its reality. well the happy ending is that you've come over the mountain. the courage which you have will help many others to overcome, cos you know exactly what they are going through. you have spoken from the heart. thats great. the family of humanity needs you. lend your courage to others, speak deeply about the feeling which changed you when your daughter came into the room , i 'd love to read it. thank you.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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