Lady Luck and Deprivation


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Poetry is a form of art, and therefore must do what all art does. Art represents something of the world, expressing or evoking emotion, pleasing us by its form, and stands on its own as something autonomous and self-defining.

As luck will have, you get my poetry both ways today. For the first way click on the link and watch my video

Lady Luck and Deprivation


Lady Luck

Be conscious of the elements of your reality,

And enjoy a state of vibration in harmony

Let yourself become a more powerful creator.

When things are in a flow, you are the instigator.

Be in an emotional resonance with your intention.

The level you resonate is equal to divine intervention.

With your inspiration you are vibrating luck. How do you feel?

You are sharper, clearer, more in the zone and it is very real.

You do amazing things in ways that baffle others awareness,

Everything that exists can be controlled by consciousness.

Therefore luck exists and is fully under your command.

Knowing this, you never have to fear bad luck again.

Aren't you the lucky one!



Do you suffer from the social disease called deprivation?

If you are poor and are deprived do you face starvation?

 If you are rich but want more does that cause aggravation?

It is my opinion that both rich and poor have deprivation.

If you do not confirm to the standards in society where do you sit?

If you do confirm to the standards in our society where will you fit? 

Misconceptions and Misunderstandings are causes of anxiety.

So deprivation is the disease you will get out of our society.



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MoniqueCeCi commented on Lady Luck and Deprivation


As far as lady luck goes, she doesn' shine her pearly whites at all for me. Yeah she flows with the mojo for a lucky few: Hence I feel deprived. Ha. This one hit me a little deeper and I am glad to know that at your age you still appreciate the importance and the art of lyrical illusions. Peace my friend



The write was a challenge but it was a lot of fun, if you listen close to the words you should have some reaction because although done in fun they are the truth. LOL, BDC

mamasan commented on Lady Luck and Deprivation


What I hear you emphasize, to me at least. I am grasping here that we are lucky because the secret is that we are all programmed and the bounty is there for each one of us. All we need to do is make a good intention and keep our eyes on the prize. These verses spoke to me especially of not bellyaching and like the butterfly flit from flower to flower and suckle in the nurturing sweetness therein.



It's a pleasure to receive comments from a lady with such incredible wisdom, a lady that writes songs and poetry with divine guidance, a real lady of stature. Thank you are my kind of people. LOL, BDC

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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