The Empty Nest


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    The Empty Nest



    The umbrella needed replacing

    The flashlight batteries left dead

    Used yet never replenished

    Regardless of what was said


    Bedrooms resembling crash sites

    Spaces besieged by entire wardrobes

    Made laughter common some days

    When earning the label floordrobes


    Just one day could bring about

    Much dirty laundry to be done

    With thoughts it could wait until later

    Put aside for something more fun


    Now the umbrella sits in readiness

    There’s always a flashlight that works

    For a nest so empty at times

    These are its little perks


     Flown away are the little birds

    Bedrooms no longer in disarray

    Fond memories of laughter remain

    The floor, clean and on display


    No kids’ clothing to wash daily

    How can you miss such a grueling chore

    Yet smile when the flashlight works

    As the umbrella stands by the door



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    freemansvoice commented on The Empty Nest


    if not for grandkids, there I'd be. I like this poem.

    kdarcy commented on The Empty Nest


    I like it. A nice reflective piece that brings smiles as I step over the clothes in the way. The things we learn to miss, and miss and miss. Hope you are well my friend, I'm still around posting, be well

    lonewolf commented on The Empty Nest


    what fond memories our children bring us. from tiny little helpless toddlers into beautiful young men and women. oh, to be able to spend a day like that one more time. this is a favorite!

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