You and my heart


You and my heart

Walking out of the school office
Something out of the corner of my eye
Catches my interest.

My head turns lightly only to see you, standing there.
Your hand rests against your lips
While you listen to your friend talk to his teacher.

My heart reacts to your presence.
I remember what happened,
And it beats rapidly.
I can swear everyone is listening,
Yet for some odd reason, no one looks.

You still haven’t seen me.
I’m about to make a silent escape,
When my math teacher walks by,
Thinking she should say “hi” to me.

What can I do, ignore her?
No, she said my name,
So I repeat the greeting with a smile.

I sense your eyes as you glance over
And slowly realize who I am.
They light up and your hand moves from your mouth.
You make a slight waving motion 
As you say “hey” with that goofy grin
That you know I love.
I whisper a “hey” in return as I turn my back to you.

You thought I would melt at this tiny gesture, 
That I would suddenly forget it all?
Well you were wrong, 
I may have shown signs on the ins ide,
But on the outside I’m stone.

A kiss may change things for an instant,
But when left in the dark for too long,
A scab will form over the weakened heart,
And the owner will move on.
I will move on.

For if I don’t you will let me sit 
with my heart bleeding…
I can’t take that kind of pain.

So I walk down the hall.
Waiting to hear you running after me,
Waiting to feel your arms turn me around,
Waiting for you to tell me how you feel,
Waiting for you to get to me before the scab forms.

I hear nothing, I feel nothing.
And with that, 
I move on.

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lindabrito commented on You and my heart


Great poem, Twiga. I really enjoyed reading it. A love lost is better than no love at all.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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