All Sustainable


All Sustainable

Where can I find You
This World is Lost and Cloudy
Show me a Sign.

My Armor is battered from all the Long Roads
My feet are worn Through
Yet I strive to find You.

The Pulling of Hands will not stop Me.
This Distance I can Bear.
Your Voice echoes through my Thoughts
As I hold your Lock of Hair.

My Heart was once a Stone
But now is melting Through.
You gave Me new Life, You soaked my Feet
You whispered all your Truth.

The Sun will Start to Fade
And Darkness will Overdo.
Yet I see You on the Horizon
My eyes a fiery Blue.

Our Faith has guided Us.
In this World of Clouds and Mist.
Your Soul has Lit up my Valley
Your Light I can not Resist.

And when this World starts to Crumble
And Statues and Idols Fall.
I will be holding You...and your Heart.
Breath to Breath

All Sustainable.

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nu2ya2000 commented on All Sustainable


WOW!!! that was good, really good! you have an excellent way with words. So moving!!

jademelissa74 commented on All Sustainable


Inspiration, at its best! A very vivid era, you have managed to portrayed with eloquent phrases that make this piece a "must-read" You have a very creative mind! I have enjoyed this poem. Thank you for sharing!

AbysmalGoddess commented on All Sustainable


I agree with connsk8, you have quite a way with words, you use them in a way that one would never have thought they would have been used... I admire your talent and your take on life, and the way you express it.



you are very sweet.

wordCollective commented on All Sustainable


Wow! I really like this one too! Are all of these your paintings??? I would love to see more.... I paint too but i suck!



yeah all the pics with the poems are my paintings... thank you, you are so sweet.

connsk8 commented on All Sustainable


wow, you have exposed me to a completely different kind of poetry than I have ever read before, this one makes sense to me, I enjoyed your others but did not quite understand them as it is new to me, is it possible to enjoy, yet not understand?? Thank you for broadening my horizons!!!

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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