It's rainy day


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    From an afternoon walk under the rain in my neighbourhood with my then two years old son on 22th August 2005.

    It's rainy day

    I stamped,
    I splashed.
    Paddling water under my feet

    I dabbled,
    I whooshed.
    Sparking the rain to dance  

    Tik tik tik
    Bunyi hujan diatas genting
    Airnya turun
    Tidak terkira
    Cobalah tengok
    Dahan dan ranting
    Pohon dan kebun
    Basah semua*

    I sang,
    I cheered.
    Calling the bored clouds to play

    Sprinkled some showers!
    Sprayed them!
    More, more, more
    Twisted the winds
    Tickled the storm
    Twitched the thunder

    Like a lullaby to my ears,
    in the absence of moonlight.


    *(An Indonesian nursery rhyme - a loose translation) tik tik tik, the sound of (monsoon) rain is etched on the roof, the water falls in abundant. Look at all wet twigs and branches, so do trees and  gardens. 

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    nkem commented on It's rainy day


    I Love this poem especially the fifth stanza, and what language is that in the second stanza? can i get a translation? wow!



    Hi there Sorry for the very late reply.The poem was written quite a few years ago when my son and I had a walk in the rain. At the time, it was chilly and windy yet rain has always brought back such fun memories back to my childhood in East Java, Indonesia. The second stanza was in Bahasa; a nursery rhyme about the gratitude of having a rain. Its loose translation was below the poem. Thank you very much for your appreciation.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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