To an "ex-Mum"


  • Loss

    To an "ex-Mum"

    What is left but he’s dead
    An ex-mum said
    A cold smile rubbed her face

    What am I;
    A body on the ground
    Still exists yet a zombie?
    “I am an ex-mum,” she declares
    None to celebrate

    What remains in me
    That his remains I couldn’t see
    With each and every passing day
    Never to recede
    While constantly bleeding
    “I have no more”
    “I’m done”

    Above us clouds are changing
    Sometimes tender or starkly dark
    With or without our children
    Dead and alive

    Do we ever ask to be one
    Before they come;
    Unbeknownst to our bosoms the utmost joy?

    One is shaken when hers’s taken
    What is it one pleading to come back:
    The joy to oneself or to life?

    The clouds are wheeling everyone’s
    not only ours, not only yours
    I am with children, you are none
    Our duties aren’t done
    God’s the hope
    Even when a life’s no more

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    wheelsal commented on To an "ex-Mum"


    I hope this isn't part of your experience and if it is I'm sorry. Even in death we were still a mom. I must care for my son's grave as I cared for him in life. Good read.



    It's a friend of mine's son who passed away by suicide. His mother was self-published her poems about his life entitled "If Only" by an ex-Mum. So on the UK's Mother's Day recently I wrote it for her. As for me,I feel so lucky still being a mother to my two lovely children.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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